Renee Webb: Creating reality is truly just a thought away!

Renee Webb

On the last day of the Yelm Divine jazz event in July, I mentioned to a friend that I had August and September before me with nothing planned and that I was going to put it to my God to create an adventure for me. I added to my Neighborhood Walk® that “I have always been adventurous.” I simply said the words during the event and let the thought of an adventure go.

At the end of the event, when I switched on my phone, I found a message from a Saudi friend of mine that said, “We are in the South of France for the month of August, what are you doing?” My response was immediate, “joining you!” A week later I was aboard a flight to Paris, headed for Antibes on the French Riviera.

From the first day that I arrived on the sunny coast to join my Saudi friends my adventure began. The Villa where I was invited to stay is spectacular, an out of the 20’s mansion, with two villas, 14 bedrooms, numerous baths, many sitting rooms, a full gym, a tennis court, sprawling grounds, a 70’s disco and a huge salt water swimming pool…my God knows how to create and lay it on!

“In a Private during my discussion with Ramtha about the disciplines he said to me that “I needed to get offside to see what I have created” this I knew was going to be an adventure to observe that. I had no plans or exceptions as to how that would unfold.

Ramtha was always with me, he would send runners in various ways.”

“I had just finished writing this travel log on board my Delta flight returning to the Shire of Lemuria, Yelm. I look up and down the aisle, comes the stewardess serving me lunch. There she was fellow RSE student, Bonnie. We lamented immediately about teachings, and events streamed. I had streamed both the Italy, and South Africa. We are both registered and excitedly looking forward to being in the Great Hall for “Capstone” in three weeks. Ramtha’s “peeps” are everywhere, and yes, we do meet 30 thousand feet in the sky!

September 30, 2014

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