The “I” Concept

Ramtha in Australia – June 2014

– Ramtha: “The “I” Concept”
“I want to be born beyond the North Star.
I want to live in a universe of a blue sun.
I want to live where war has no meaning.
I want to live thousands of years so that I can journey to the most extraordinary conferences of mind.
I want to be enamored and enjoy the beauty of God manifested in all forms.
I want to be open-minded enough that I am born into a level of beingness that approves and embraces a mind that knows no boundaries.
I want to love an unfathomable love.

I want to bring a lifeform into life, that my gift to it is the foundation of its life Source, its innate, genetic wisdom.
I want to be born beyond the North Star.
I want to travel to the center of suns.
I want to move from galaxy to galaxy.
I want to toy with time.
I want to be the rider of it.
I want to know how to disassemble and assemble.

So if you want all of these things, you don’t go to the light.
You go to the Void and remember the dream, and there you shall be.
And let us hope you remember about dreaming the dream of an extraordinary civilization because the moment you do, the light disappears, the being disappears, and you are caught up in the bosom of some foreign creature unknown to you in familiarity.”

– Ramtha
January 21, 1995
Yelm, WA.

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