Student Accomplishments:
Sally Mysko on the subtlety of of going within

Sally Mysko from Alberta, Canada describes how she is building consistency and the subtlety of her awareness. Here is Sally’s story in her own words:

“On Sept 6th I won 1224$ CAD ($1,114 USD).
This time, to avoid so much chaos, I took my own trance music.II had been away from the casino for about a month as I realized I was starting to gamble, so this time I did alot of disciplines.
I focused on listening to my God.
I closed my eyes focused on the jackpot and then went someplace else in my brain opened my eyes and there it was.
Perhaps soon I won’t be so surprised at what I can do and stop pretending that I don’t know.”
Sending love.

– Sally won over $7,500 USD last March.
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– Sally won $10,328.00 CAD ($9,410 USD net) at the casino [May 1, 2014].
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– Sally won $3,006 CAD ($2,765 USD) on May 30, 2014

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