Evonne Laforge shares her recent UFO experience

Evonne Laforge

“I have had an outlandish experience I would like to share.
I was at work, at my client’s home out on Cooper Point, Olympia, WA.
We were enjoying our morning smoke on her deck over looking the Sound.
The day was exceptionally bright; not a cloud in the sky.
The water was a very deep blue sparkle of gentle waves and currents.

As I am looking east across the water, I notice something.
This bright arc of light appears.
It is brighter than the noon-day sun.

I study this phenomenon wondering what it could possible be.
As I observe this arc of bright light; I see to the right of it, just a little way, a sliver ship.
It appeared out of nowhere.
Slowly it moves toward it Now it disappears into it.
The opening starts closing up like a zipper from the top down. W
hen it closed, there was a pink star lingering in the brightest of daylight.
I stared in utter amazement.

Now I realized what I had witnessed.
This was a hologram – a tear in reality.
After the ship went in the tear; all that was left was the illusionary blue sky again.
It was fantastic in broad daylight, 10am on my client’s deck.
Now I thought this must be one of Ramtha’s Prophecy runners.

Thank you for letting me share my story.
JZ, I honor you for all you are.
Dearest Ramtha, I want more.

Best thoughts to all my fellow students.
I love all your stories.”

Posted: September 30th, 2014 - Featured Articles, News Headlines, RSE, Science, UFO

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