Tacoma’s News Tribune publishes JZ Knight’s byline

JZ Knight

“Freedom Foundation uses tactics of intimidation”
By JZ Knight
Contributing writer
Published in the Sunday, August 3, 2014 Tacoma News Tribune

“Between now and the Nov. 4 election there will be a lot of talk about ‘freedom.’

Many right-wing groups use it in their names, including Freedom Works, Faith and Freedom Institute, Faith and Freedom Coalition, Freedom Federation, Freedom March, Freedom Works, Freedom Watch and many others.

Here in Washington we have the Freedom Foundation. You may have heard of it. I certainly have.”

“There is a common thread that runs through the Freedom Foundation and similar ideological groups, including:

• Freedom from taxes for corporations and wealthy people.

• Freedom from regulations so industry can pollute our air and water.

• Freedom to oppose the minimum wage.

• Freedom to attack the voting rights of minorities.

• Freedom to misrepresent the Affordable Care Act.

This is nothing new.”

“If right-wing groups like the Freedom Foundation called themselves the John Birch Society II, it would be cause for alarm. By wrapping themselves in the American flag and shouting “Freedom!” they seek to soften their agenda by making it sound patriotic.

Here in Washington, the Freedom Foundation’s tactics of attempting to intimidate its enemies – opposing the SeaTac minimum wage, opposing working people who join labor unions, drowning the IRS in paperwork, promoting voter ID laws to make it harder for minorities to vote – isn’t patriotic; it is destructive.

Thurston County and Washington don’t need their brand of ‘freedom.'”
Click here to read JZ’s entire editorial.

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