“Light appears to be a fundamental part of our being” –
Ramtha’s teachings underscore this concept

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– “How Biophotons Show That We Are Made Of Light.”
“A biophoton or Ultra-weak Photon Emission, (UPE) is a kind of light particle that is emitted by all living things. Though it exists in the visible and ultraviolet spectrum, in order for us to see it, our eyes would have to be about 1,000 times more sensitive.

While we can’t see them with our eyes alone, technology has given us a glimpse and what it’s shown us may have a profound impact on us all.”

“Light appears to be a fundamental part of our being. It’s hard-coded into our very bodies to function directly with, and through – light. On top of that, the fact that we can affect light with our intentions alone… outstanding! It would appear those new age hippies are right when they say we are all beings of light,” quoting Becky Barnica, The Spirit Science.
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– “BioPhotons ~ Secrets of the Human Energy Field Revealed!”
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– “Mouse Spirit Filmed Leaving Body after Death”

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– Ramtha on “the bands”
“The Energy Bands Surrounding the Human Body”
“How many of you have heard the term, “auric field?” Raise your hands. Auric Field. Now how many of you believe that you can tear an aura? How many of you believe that? How can you tear energy? How can you rip up a thought? Auras, that is a metaphysical term for a band of energy that is actually dual in nature that surrounds all human beings, and this is what it looks like. [See figure.]

Now this energy – Let’s say this is you [Ramtha is pointing to the drawing of the bands around the human body] and you have dual bands around the body. In other words, it is just not a gray area or a blue aura or a rainbow aura. It is very specific about energy because what an aura actually is, is levels of frequency with levels of consciousness. Now hold out your arm. Hold out your arm to your side. That is how wide the field is around your body.”

“So then the large is made up of the invisible. The visible is made up of the invisible.”
– Ramtha
Excerpt adapted from: Ramtha, A Beginner’s Guide to Creating Reality, Third Edition, p. 217-218., published in The Mountain News.
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