RSE Red Guard Patrick LeBlanc uses creative talents –
opening a unique restaurant for Yelm

“Owner Patrick LeBlanc, left, and chef Daniel Juarez, prepare the soon-to-open restaurant Garden to Gourmet.
The Yelm restaurant will feature local produce and healthy alternatives.”
Photo credit: Cindy Teixeira, Nisqually Valley News

RSE Red Guard Patrick LeBlanc on his inspiration from Ramtha’s teachings in his new endeavor:
“From the multitude of concepts that I have learned at RSE the one that resonate the most is ‘A state of mind.’

When I decided to create this idea of having a restaurant cafe, there was and are a lot of aspects which I was and am not familiar, the big unknown!
With the philosophies of the school and the application of them in my life, I am in this “state” of accomplishment were no matter if I know or don’t know all the details, everything will fall in its proper place for me to accomplish this dream.

All I need to truly know is: my attitude generates and dictates my day, I engage any project with this state of mind.”

Garden to Gourmet Restaurant
(expected to open end of August or first of September)
9183 Burnett Rd. S.E.
Yelm, WA., soon to be activated

– “Locally Grown to be Focus of New Eatery”
“Garden to Gourmet Plans To Open Near End of Summer”

From the July 3, 2014 edition of the Nisqually Valley News
By Cindy Teixeria

“Patrick LeBlanc was tired of construction and wanted a change.

He ‘grew up’ in restaurants on the East Coast watching his mother cook and she eventually opened her own place. Building on his mother’s foundation, and his own prowess as chef for his friends, he decided the change should be something he enjoys and is good at doing.

He went to school specifically for business so he could build a business plan because, he said, ‘I’m very serious about this.’

As it goes in construction, cooking and most other endeavors in life, preparation is everything and LeBlanc has laid a strong foundation with solid plans for the eatery he hopes will be ready to open end of August or first of September.

He did his research and chose his target demographic, so take note ‘women more than 30 years old who want to eat healthier;’ Patrick LeBlanc is cooking just for you. The newest place in town will be different from any other eatery in the area with a focus on breakfast and lunch. Dinner time will be tapas, or gourmet appetizers.

He also chose a special place for Garden to Gourmet at Wellspring Plaza on Burnett Road. His partner, James Capezio, owns the building and the eatery fits in with the general theme of the businesses in the plaza, which includes a chiropractor and a yoga studio.”
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– UPDATE: September 26, 2014

Ad featured in featured in the Nisqually Valley News, “Taste of the Valley” section

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