Student Accomplishments:
Canadian students’ manifest significant temperature drop

  Canada’s Laura Craig
    and Holly Nutter  

Canadian students Laura Craig and Holly and Judy Nutter accomplished a really awesome temperature drop in early July and agreed to share story to inspire fellow students. The following is their report:

Temperature Drop Manifestation by two RSE students-
one residing near to Rock Creek, BC and the other student residing near to Oliver, BC (72 km apart)

Tuesday, July 8, 2014
Laura takes her neighbour (82 years of age), who needed help to get to a medical appointment in Penticton.
The temperature was 37.5 degrees celsius (99 F) that day.
Laura said right then and there-
‘I want the temperature dropped 5 degrees on Thursday when I come back to town with Holly.’
(Holly and Laura had been to Penticton on the 3rd of July for his first appointment)

Wednesday, July 9, 2014
In the evening, Holly over in Rock Creek makes his mandate of a 5 degree temperature drop for Thursday, July 10.
The temperature that day was 36.7 degrees celsius (98 F).

**Unbeknownst to each other – as this was not spoken of and agreed upon prior:
either the date, nor the amount of degrees for a significant drop in the temperature.

Thursday, July 10, 2014
When Holly arrived at Laura’s on Thursday the 10th at midday- Laura mentioned how flipping hot it was on Tuesday when she had taken her neighbour in to town and that she laid out the mandate of:
‘I want the temperature dropped 5 degrees on Thursday’

Holly’s jaw pretty much dropped at that point, and he said, ‘Laura, I did exactly the same thing! Only I said it last evening’.
Did we ever have a big laugh right then!

The temperature dropped from a high of 36.7 degrees celsius (98 F) on Wednesday, to a high of 32 degrees
(89 F) on Thursday, July 10!!!

Totally amazing for both of us. That we accomplished a very noticeable drop in the temperature in the area, that we did it independently of each other and that we had created it on different days and in different locations, yet choosing the same number of degrees!

We can just do this!

Holly Nutter (Rock Creek, BC), Laura Craig (Oliver, BC)

Note: All of the temperatures listed were sourced from Government of Canada Weather and are the recorded temperatures for the dates involved in this manifestation.

– UPDATE: August 4, 2014
Fellow Canadian Ingrid Plattmann reports the following:
“When I returned to Oliver,B.C. after JZ’s fabulous Fresh Air III and Ramtha’s Summer Prophesy events, I sat on the deck looking at the parched lawns and asked for rain. The next day when I was at the local pool, the lifeguards had to evacuate everyone because there was thunder and lightening in the distant skies. So I went home and did some laundry which was hanging loosely on the clothesline when a great rain storm ensued. The wind was so strong that it blew my laundry everywhere and I just whooped!
(The neighbors know that I like to bring rain.)
Our lawns and gardens got wonderfully drenched and it took me two days to recover a pair of undies which fortunately were still on my property!”


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