RSE students stand-up for their school to Republican claims in the media

– On April 30, 2014, Brad Shannon reported in The Olympian:
“J.Z. Knight, the Yelm-based spirit channeler with followers around the world, has given $65,000 to Thurston County Democrats for political activities this year, the largest of any donor. The move reverses a position of Democrats in 2012 – when the state Democratic Party gave away $70,000 and local Democratic candidates gave away smaller contributions from Knight and her Ramtha School of Enlightenment.”
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– RSE publicist Rob Wynne submitted this statement on April 29:
“It has taken a lot of effort to reveal the lengths to which our critics have gone to cast JZ Knight in a false light in order to support their vitriolic agenda. Only when put under oath in litigation did we finally get the truth.

Court documents are available for public inspection in Thurston County in the case against Virginia Coverdale and in the New Zealand High Court in Auckland in the case against David McCarthy. JZK, Inc. received admissions by both defendants that the videos they disseminated in 2012 had first been edited. Virginia hired a video editor to create what she wanted. David did the editing himself to create the impressions he wanted, including altering audio tracks from the original video recordings.

Our critics aren’t happy that the truth contradicts the image of the “evil demon” they promulgate. To them, Democratic officials had been corrupted or fooled by JZ Knight but not our critics. They wouldn’t let facts distract them so they ignore the conclusions of competent authorities and become vigilantes.

There is a way to find truth in our courts of law. In the courts, justice is served against vigilantes who lie, slander, and abuse the public trust. And just like in November 2012, the public won’t forget who has abused their trust.”

– In response to the Republican and Freedom Foundation’s assertions, students in each of several categories have taken a stand with their comments:

1. My name is Cozette Fyrst.
I am thirty years old and have been a proud African American student of RSE since I was seven years old. What I have learned at RSE has helped me to create a magnificent life for myself. I have a loving husband, we have been together for 16 years, and we have 2 beautiful interracial children. My husband and I are grateful to have met and expose our children to so many different cultures, languages and ethnicities through attending events at RSE. Our family has benefited greatly from scholarships provided by JZ Knight. JZ has always been a loving supportive confidante who has taken our family under her wing in moments of great loss and great joys. For anyone to suggest RSE, Ramtha or JZ Knight are racist in any way shows that they are clearly being misled.”

Cozette Fyrst
Proud African American and Student of RSE

2. My name is Giorda Elie.
I am an RSE student and have been since 1988.
In response to what is on social media,
I am African/American and I am in one of the categories [African American] our school’s detractors are continuing
to hammer.
One of the reasons I love the school so much is that Ramtha teaches that God is the all in all –
all flowers are beautiful, and that we are a ball of light wearing our bodies.
Racism is ignorance.
Ramtha, who is not JZ, is certainly not racist.
I have personally known JZ for twenty six years and she is wonderful and certainly not a racist.”

Giorda Elie
RSE Student

3. My name is Dr. Karriem Ali.
Racism is the belief that the popular concept of race is a valid standard by which to judge human beings. It is used to promote superiority and inequality among humans, and the attitudes which this fosters. It is rooted in fear and ignorance.

In the body of work that is Ramtha’s teachings (ref. UCSB archive), the fundamental message is that everyone is a direct expression of God. Thus, there are no greater nor lesser persons.

In his teachings on the soul and its journey through multiple incarnations, we are each born into myriad cultures, races, genders, social strata, etc. over countless lifetimes. Hence, one’s current ethnicity, nationality, skin color, creed, wealth, intellect, beauty, gender and gender preference are neither essential, nor defining characteristics.

To motivate us to confront and abolish our own self-annihilating prejudices, Ramtha often invokes our own common thought and imitates our vernacular. It can be a very edgy process which, if sampled into out-of-context sound bites, can easily be reformatted and misconstrued as being defamatory or antipathetic.

The basic teachings of our major world religions (e.g., Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, etc.) have throughout the millennia been similarly reformatted and misconstrued. Many are the cruel religious and cultural institutions~ ranging from caste systems and female oppression to slavery~ that have been based in contorted religious beliefs and dogma.

As a person of dark skin color, I am well aware of quotations and passages which can be compiled to characterize God (in the names of Jehovah, Allah, Krishna, etc.) as hate-mongering, murderous, misogynistic despots that favor one chosen race or another. In the philosophy, principles and practices presented by JZ Knight and Ramtha I have found a quite pleasant oasis free of the encumbrances of the human prejudices I am often faced with in our quotidian world. Indeed, I have also learned to comprehend, allow, and even love my fellow human beings who live their lives entangled in prejudices and hate.

This liberating, enlightened perspective, gained as a student at the Ramtha School, has helped me greatly in my life. Specifically, it has enabled me to arise from a mindset of race victimization and engage the world with full dignity, and intrepid freedom. Martin Luther King had a grand dream, and with the wise tutelage of Ramtha and the treasured insights of JZ Knight, I have learned to live and propagate the dream unto an awakened realization.”

Dr. Karriem Ali, M.D.

4. “My name is Robert D Jones IV.
I am a 29 year old African American man. JZ Knight has been in my life since I was 4 years old. Recently, JZ has been accused of being racist.The definition of racist, according to Wikipedia, is a person who believes that a particular race is superior to another.This is 100% NOT TRUE of her!! JZ was the inspiration that helped me through a near fatal illness as a child, an illness that left me in a wheelchair without the ability to walk or talk. Her daily inspiration gave me the strength to go on. She is my family,s rock, even to this day.

What we learn at RSE, AKA Ramtha’s school of Enlightenment, is a lifestyle of how to live both spiritually and impeccably. Because of JZ and Ramtha’s school,I am on track with my DJ career, and accomplishing daily things my childhood doctors said I would never be able to do.

My immediate family is a mini “United Nations” with African American,Native American, Norwegian, Danish,Spanish, Scottish, Irish, and Hungarian ethnicity, just to name a few. Many of us have met through RSE. Don’t be afraid of people that are different, because they are the ones that help change the world.

Thank you JZ for being you! Just so you know, I always have your back…..Keep the wheels turning.”

Robert D Jones IV

5. “My name is Carol Martin.
Some people in Memphis, Tennessee decided that I was inferior to white people. Some white people set the rules of my existence: take the balcony seat in the movie theaters, the back seat on city buses, and a separate car on trains.
White supremacy demanded that I use “Black Only” public water fountains and bathrooms, live in black only neighborhoods, and attend segregated grade school. I began the lesson on racism as black girl growing up in the South.
Later, living two years in an Arabian country taught more on racism—the biases against the female gender are conscious and unconscious attitudes and actions projected upon another person. Racism had additional flavors and aspects that I experienced behind the veil.
What I am saying is this: I know racism from personal experiences. Racism was “film clips” and “fragments” of the whole my life.
I, also, know what my eyes saw and my ears heard that night JZ channeled Ramtha: Love does not live outside of truth. Truth perceived from personal reality—limited or unlimited mind. Film clips or presence in the audience?

Carol Martin
RSE Master since 1998

6. “My name is Lea Martin.
“My family and I are third generation RSE students who are African American. Of the numerous events we’ve attended, participated, and learned from, we have never had n experience that subjugated or made us “targets” of any kind of racism or degradation of my culture and/or ethnicity. Our experiences and interaction with my teacher have always been in a place of educating, expansion, and upliftment.”

Lea Martin

7. “My name is Kara Martin.
As an African American, I have not experienced racism from RSE. Any racial experiences I’ve had have been outside of RSE from people judging me for being an RSE student. It’s outsiders judging the school they know nothing about on hearsay that can spark a racist comment, when the people reading go off what they think they know. How can you have an international school that goes all over the world and call it racists to begin with?

Kara Martin

1. My name is Jaime Leal-Anaya.
I was born and raised in Mexico and have been a student of Ramtha for more than 21 years now. I love and cherish my Mexican heritage and have never been offended in the least by anything I have learned from Ramtha and RSE.

I have had the honor to know JZ Knight since I first came to school and hear from her directly how she grew up and came to love Mexicans and African American people as a young child in the cotton fields. She also wrote this in her autobiography, “A State of Mind, My Story”. Her appreciation of our people and Mexican culture has been clearly evident ever since I have known her and Ramtha.

It is offensive that some people insist in splicing and manipulating Ramtha’s teachings and taking them completely out of their context to suit their own discriminating agendas. I was also raised Catholic and at one time was a student for the priesthood and completed a Master’s Degree in Theology before I came to school. In my studies of theology and history I learned about the devastating consequences, the abuse and violence, and the many conflicts and wars created by groups of people who took the message of Jesus Christ out of context to suit their twisted agendas as well.

What I have learned from Ramtha and his school is to love and cherish life in all its forms, in every culture, and to recognize and love the God who lives within every man and every woman regardless of age, gender, religious background, culture or ethnicity, including myself. Thanks to Ramtha’s teachings — and what I just mentioned is my understanding of their appropriate context for interpretation — I have also learned to expand my mind beyond the borders of my own heritage and Mexican culture, and those aspects that often go unquestioned and unchallenged in a culture, such as unconsciously ingrained sexist behavior against women. Ramtha has helped me confront and realize, through his powerful teachings, the subtlety of some of these learned patterns of behavior and that Women, for example, do not belong in the kitchen or should not be considered servants to men, not even in a joke, but that women are Gods too and men and women are equal and God lives within them both. In all my time I have been a student of Ramtha, it is very clear to me that Ramtha will do what is necessary to teach us and help us wake up from these type of unconsciously ingrained patterns of thinking and realize a deep and hidden truth that cannot be addressed until we recognize it and see it face to face. I have never been offended by Ramtha’s style and methodology of teaching; on the contrary, I appreciate it for I can see how effective they have been in my own personal life throughout the years. Am I offended by Ramtha? No. Is he racist? No. Has he encouraged me to be racist? No, the opposite. He has taught me to love and see the goodness and beauty in everyone, including myself. Those who say or think differently, obviously have not understood the proper context and the original intent of Ramtha’s teachings, which has historically remained the same from the very beginning, as it can be seen in the classic book “Ramtha, The White Book,” published first in the early 1980s.”

Jaime leal-Anaya

2. “My name is Valeria Pena-Lamberta.
“It saddens me that these people base their judgements in information that was obviously altered to create a false image of JZ Knight and RSE. As a long time student of RSE, I can say that the claims that the Republicans make against JZ Knight are completely unfounded. I have never, as a Mexican, felt we were being prejudiced or anything of the sort, on the contrary, the School supports all races and minorities and promotes equality in all human beings. The real prejudice comes from those who intentionally try to discredit the School and label it as a cult, that just shows their ignorance and intolerance towards anything different than their own limited views and beliefs.”

Valeria Pena-Lamberta

1. “My name is Ana Maria Mihalcea, M.D..
I am Doctor of Internal Medicine, and I have been a Student at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment for 8 years. I am openly gay and married to RSE teacher Laura Mooney.

During my years of study at RSE I have witnessed none of the false statements that are being perpetually repeated in the media.

There have not been anti-gay, anti-Semitic, anti-catholic, anti-Mexican, ant-immigrant, anti-organic farmers comments made in the school, quite in the contrary, as my fellow students compose of an international audience from all walks of life, all ethnic and religious backgrounds and fall into the very categories that we are alleged to hate. Nothing can be farther from the Truth, in fact the message of RSE clearly states that all Human Beings are of divine origin and that our separateness is a contrived Illusion. We are all One. JZ Knight and Ramtha have only shown profound love, compassion and caring towards all students.

Contrary to the ridiculous allegations, that people are forced to drink lye and are mindless followers of a cult, RSE teaches a broad array of topics from quantum physics, neurobiology, physiology, to useful techniques that help the participants negotiate their daily life in a more fulfilling, richer and open minded way.

The misleading, ongoing sensationalist media coverage, including allegations by GOP on topics that already have been discredited in Courts of Law, are nothing more then attempts to cause divisiveness, hate and fear in our community by means of Intimidation.

They exemplify the tremendous hate, discrimination and intolerance, that at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment we have left behind. JZ Knight and Ramtha have brought forth a message of Love, Unity and Hope, not one of Hate, Intimidation and Fear.

Classes are open to the public.”

Ana Maria Mihalcea, M.D.
Physician, Internal Medicine

2. “My name is Laura Mooney.
I am a Teacher at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment. I have been a student for 25 years. I served as an officer in the United States Army from 1982 – 1994, way before ‘don’t ask, don’t tell’. I am an openly gay woman, married to another openly gay woman, Ana Mihalcea, M.D. Doctor of Internal Medicine. In my 25 years at RSE I have never heard or experienced any racist, anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-catholic, anti-Semitic comments or actions by JZ Knight or Ramtha. I certainly would not attend, let alone be a Teacher at RSE, if that were the case.

Are the supposed leaders of the day incapable of being rational; do they only depend on hype, sensationalism and emotional feeding frenzies to win? Where have the real leaders gone? Where are the leaders that study, research or fact find before taking a position? Why don’t the people that are so much against RSE, JZ Knight and Ramtha come and attend a class or two and find out for themselves what the School is all about? Why has it become so much easier to incite divisiveness rather than take a field trip to RSE or seek out Court documents that are available for public inspection?

If there had been any fact finding done by Republican Party Chair Susan Hutchinson she and her associates might have realized just how ludicrous her position is on JZ Knight. So, let me help you out. The teaching staff at RSE consists of an openly gay woman, a Mexican, a former Priest, heterosexual men, and a heterosexual woman. RSE has an international student body; it’s a microcosm of the macrocosm of the world. Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment promotes an understanding of the interconnectedness of all things. Those that stand on a platform of divide and conquer are working from an archaic platform.”

Laura Mooney

1. “My name Victoria Blazejewski.
WA State GOP Chair Susan Hutchinson’s unfounded attacks on JZ Knight are right out of a political strategy playbook.

Her party’s intent intones moral righteousness: “If the people of this country are intolerant
in the realm of sports entertainment, then certainly in the realm of politics we are absolutely intolerant
of anti-gay, anti-immigrant, anti-Catholic, anti-Semitic types of comments that J.Z. Knight continually makes.”

How does GOP Chair Hutchinson know what kind of comments JZ Knight “continually” makes?
Does she know JZ Knight personally? Did she attend the events where the unabridged teachings occurred?
Or did she watch copies of videos admittedly altered by the defendants? Since a judge ordered the videos removed
from the internet for copyright infringement, were altered dvds given to GOP Chair Hutchinson by other co-conspirators?
Or is her only source of information from outdated TV news clips?

The question arises: is the GOP/Chair Susan Hutchinson deliberately spreading malicious gossip for political purposes?
This would be a cheap shot riding on the coat-tails of recent sports stories in an attempt to influence local politics.

Perhaps the GOP and its Chair would be better served minding its own business instead of bearing false witness against
JZ Knight and the Catholic (myself included), Jewish, Gay, Mexican, and other students of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment.”

Victoria Blazejewski

2. My name is Miceal Ledwith.
I’ve been saddened over recent months to see the various attempts in the print media to sling mud at JZ Knight and the Ramtha School of Ancient Wisdom. I have been associated with the School for more than two decades and a Catholic priest for more than that. I can honestly say I have never heard either Ramtha or JZ Knight indulge in hate-directed statements towards any group, be they Catholic, Mexican, African American or indeed any other minority or majority.

Ramtha has described his mission as an assault on everything that serves as a block to our spiritual evolution. Instead of fluffing over our fundamental problems he calls a spade a spade. That of course is something that can be deeply disturbing to anyone inclined to argue for ones limitations, so the reaction usually is to try to kill the messenger.

I was a Professor of Systematic Theology for many years in the Catholic tradition so I think I can speak with some knowledge of the subject here. There are many things in the Catholic tradition which the Church now rightfully, and to its credit, regrets. In most peoples minds the cliché examples will inevitably be the Crusades or the Inquisition, but of course there are many more instances of the same thing at the individual and personal level as well. But Judaism and Islam, and indeed every other religion, as well as utterly non-religious traditions, have chapters in their history or in the history of individual members, that are also now deeply regretted. Such is the broadcloth out of which wisdom is made.

Ramtha has always made a clear distinction between individual persons and the organizations to which they may belong. His attitude, I think, could well be summed up in that age-old and oft misused adage, “Love the sinner but hate the sin.” Ramtha has always paid generous tribute to the many persons of sincere good will who have worked in the world’s many religious organizations over the centuries, many of whom have dedicated entire lifetimes to the betterment of their fellow man or woman.

When he speaks trenchantly about some of the blocks to our spiritual evolution that lie disguised in many religious organizations, both Christian and non-Christian, he has always made it clear that he is speaking of the spiritually crippling aspects of certain aspects of the belief systems in those religious traditions.

Indeed many of the more open and sensitive elements in those religious traditions today would accept as valid the criticisms of themselves such as those made by Ramtha, and are themselves working energetically to remove those blocks from their own systems of belief and practice.

In terms of leadership and example JZ Knight has been an outstanding member of the Yelm Community for four decades. Among many other acts of philanthropy she has distributed well over a million dollars to subsidize the education of members of the School and their children, many of whom belong to under-privileged minority communities in Western Washington society. But most of her stellar philanthropy has taken place out of the public view.

A sizable part of the RSE school membership today has come from such minorities, and remain proud of the backgrounds from whence they evolved. That could hardly be the case if they found themselves in an organization that routinely directed hate statement at their roots.

Given all of this it is puzzling to try to figure out what the motivation may be of people who sling such invectives at the Ramtha School, but it is equally clear that realistically these accusations have little if anything at all to do with either Ramtha or JZ Knight.

Perhaps those individuals might with profit listen to some other aspects of Ramtha’s teachings. He tells us that since we live and move in a quantum field what we put out to others will inevitably return to ourselves magnified. An individual held in the deepest honor by Ramtha said the same thing exactly in different terms long ago – Jesus the Christ. In fact the suppositions on which this insight rests forms the basis of leading edge science today. This reality is therefore not a matter of any religious dogma but is a basic fact of physics.

If so, then slinging invectives that have no basis in reality is a practice that could be very perilous for us personally, and should be avoided studiously – purely as a matter of enlightened self-interest.”

Miceal Ledwith, L.Ph., L.D., D.D., LL.D

3. “My name is Gail Marie.
I am humbly grateful to JZ and Ramtha for this greatest school of the mind that I am so privileged to be a student. I have, all of my life, have wanted to know who I am, God and my relationship to all, how a simple seed grows, how live evolves. I have studied every religion, attended college to find real meaning to life.

My father was catholic, my mother Protestant. As a child, the only part of the bible that ever made common sense, was what Jesus said, The Father is within you, Love your neighbor as yourself, do unto others as you would have them do unto you, the kingdom of Heaven is within you, it is not me who does the miracle but the Father within me, God is Love, What I do you can do greater! And then the preacher would talk about hell, judgement, teaching to fear God, we all know these are real discrepancies and makes no common sense.

I am forever grateful to find a remarkable school that expands and explains what Jesus tried to teach us just from those few quotes that I noted. To understand how my body works, my brains neurological capabilities, physics, nature, LIFE, LOVE! And how all of that knowledge is directly connected to the common sense that Jesus taught. There is no school in this world that teaches and weaves this all together. And it is a school, a school of higher learning comparative to going to college. People need to understand that fact. It is not a religion to follow anyone, it is a school that teaches real knowledge about common things that we take for granted and do not know much about, like DNA, the brain, neuro-plasticity, the science behind things in life. Like any college student, it is up to me to study and apply to see how it works.

If you were to talk to me and didn’t know what school I go to, you might very well classify me as a geek, a scientist, a intellectual, a lover of knowledge, a lover of nature and my neighbor, happy, bright, light-hearted, one who sees the cup half full. Not interested in gossip, drama and being emotional, but interested in knowledge and bettering myself and being more loving and giving each and every day. The students of this school are wonderful and they give beauty and love to life and are kind and do great things in their life that adds to others. So for people to judge this great school, is just ignorance. It’s like believing someone who criticizes, blames and gossips about a great college with extraordinary professors because they couldn’t pass the entrance exam or they dropped out. Who would buy into that? Especially knowing the good works and the humanitarian work the professors do? To see that we have a choice to be ignorant or wise, this makes me even more grateful for my school ! I understand the ignorance because I once was this ignorant and still have much to learn and more wonders of life to explore and experience and that’s exciting!

Gail Marie

1. “My name is Laura Eisen.
To those who have the eyes to see and the ears to hear,
As a person of Jewish heritage and a student of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment since 1986, I would like to address the individuals who insidiously insist that Ramtha”s teachings are anti-Semitic. After nearly three decades at RSE I believe my first hand experience is more valid than their second hand assumptions and allegations.
First, a brief background.
In the early 1900’s my maternal and paternal grandparents immigrated to New York from Russia and Romania to escape the oppression against the Jewish population in those countries.
My parents were first generation American citizens and our family lived in a neighborhood where I did not have any personal experience of anti-Semitism. However, I did grow up hearing the stories of my father’s boyhood in the Bronx. He spoke of the prejudice against the Jews which ranged from name calling to physical assaults. In one incident his nose was broken. My father’s message to me was not one of hate toward the oppressors but one of instruction : that simply being of Jewish heritage could be justifiable cause for those who intend to harm and harass.
It was only when I went away to college in southern Ohio that I had my own experience of what my father was telling me. It was shocking to be the brunt of the ignorance and abuse of prejudice. Sometimes blatant, sometimes subtle, but clearly imbedded in the culture.
So, I know first hand what if feels like to be judged for not being the acceptable religion and culture. And I know unequivocally, in all my tenure at RSE, that I have NEVER experienced that prejudice either from Ramtha or JZ Knight. In fact, RSE teaches students to be open-minded and to respect people without judging their culture, religion, race or gender.
. I would hope that the individuals promoting prejudice against Ramtha and JZ Knight would begin to practice the open-mindedness and respect for individual choice that RSE has always taught.”

Laura Eisen

2. “My name is Steve Klein.
I was born into a Jewish family in Kentucky and grew-up loving my spiritual relationship with God and my family through Judaism. However, as my life progressed into having all of my dreams, wants & desires by the time I was 30 years of age, I was questioning what life was all about, questions not answered to my satisfaction via the Torah and learned rabbis: marriage, a very fast, upward career in management of a then-Fortune Top 50 company, divorce, falling in love with another man and working/living in the world’s most premier business center, New York City. What was I then to do with the rest of my life? I came to read Ramtha’s teachings in the mid-1980’s where these questions were addressed and more with even more insight and understanding garnered. Having moved through those experiences to the loving relationship with my wife of almost 20 years and her family, I am in my 29th year with Ramtha as his student and an employee of RSE for 10 years, enriched with the knowledge I have gained.

I was in Ramtha’s audiences from where the edited videos were improperly recorded [as determined in a Superior Court case]. I KNEW from being present how all of Ramtha’s teachings came together in-context for the entire event, not from some spliced excerpts used by some disgruntled former RSE students and other detractors for a political agenda. There will always be a small cadre of dissatisfied people in any organization. however those few can not change the fact that almost 100,000 people have taken at least one session with Ramtha, where he and JZ have endured to affect and uplift people’s lives for 37+ years. Even the former students who have become detractors know deep in their soul how Ramtha touched them, though can not admit to that. Yet, the robust participation of folks in Ramtha’s World Tour 2014 is a shining example of how he still touches everyone.

Yes, Ramtha can be unorthodox at times in reflecting to participants the extremes of our humanity, and in doing so, we can then become aware of our own attitudes that run on “automatic” and stand in the way of seeing things as they are. Once students are shown and provided that knowledge, we are empowered to change our lives. With the experiences I gleaned with Ramtha, I have become greater than a Jew, giving back so much more to the people of my religion of birth.”

Steve Klein

1. “My name is Karla Broschinski.
Having been a student of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment since 1988, a local organic hobby farmer since 2001, and currently the facilitator of numerous community outreach classes in which I cover organic gardening and a range of subjects regarding self-sustainable living, I can say very clearly that the teachings of Ramtha have always supported self-sustainable living and organic farming and gardening.
Ramtha has always stressed how important it is for us to grow our own food free of pesticides and chemicals and if we are not able to do that, to at least buy locally from farmers who are able to raise their animals organically in a humane and natural way.
Many RSE students followed Ramtha’s advice and learned to grow their own organic vegetables and fruits as well as their own organic meat and poultry, or they support local organic farmers by shopping at our local Food Coop or Farmers Markets. Now when I go and visit our local farmers market, it brings me great joy to see that many of the local vendors are fellow students who are producing and selling all kinds of organically grown food and other artesian products.
Before I became a student of Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment I lived and worked in Germany, a country with a very heavy burden of history. This has allowed me to be very sensitive when I see discrimination and injustice against people, and it saddens me to see this happening in regards to JZ Knight, Ramtha, and the students of RSE.
In fact, I remember a teaching where Ramtha spoke so highly of the American farmers during the Second World War (at that time all farmers were organic farmers, no pesticides and herbicides were used). Not only did American farmers produce all the food for the American people and soldiers on the front during the war, but they fed the people of their former enemies after the war as well.
I am blessed to have found Ramtha as well as JZ, who have inspired me to become a kinder and more loving person, to live in harmony with nature, and to be an inspiration for myself and my community.”

Karla Broschinski
Founder and Facilitator of Karla’s Wild-Shop

2. “My Name is Thomas Mani
I am a hobby farmer and a beekeeper and a happy, not needed to be saved RSE student since 1999, and I am surprised how the media, without doing their due diligence, is repeating false statements about JZ Knight and RSE spread by the Freedom Foundation, a think tank in Olympia.

First and foremost: Witnessing, how the volume of publicly accessible teachings of Ramtha in books or videos has been growing enormously over the last 30+ years, and then seeing a political motivated group to take ONE video scene that on top needed to be edited and taken out of its context in order to be useful for constructing the lie of racism shows the malicious intent of this group. This group is not about finding truth but is acting as a political propaganda machine intentionally spreading false facts and disinformation.

Anyone who is willing to grab a book or a video tape can investigates the teachings with regards to racism and will come to the conclusion that this is not true. How else would it be possible that Ramtha has ten thousands of students in over 20 countries?

In the light of all the available information, to assert that Ramtha (falsely attributed to JZ Knight) made “disparaging comments” about organic farmers or some ethnic groups is flat out ridiculous. Quite contrary, he encouraged everybody to grow their on food and to contribute to the return of the honey bee.

I am deeply worried that a nation who is made to believe that a honey bee is yellow and black (which simply is not true. Just make the effort and observe one!) by being exposed from childhood on to these cute little yellow/black figures over and over again, can be brought to believe in any falsified facts brought forward by propaganda tanks with a political agenda like the Freedom Foundation or a or religious agenda like [Yelm Pastor] Jeff Adams and the help of the media, gladly and unquestioned repeating it over and over again.

History shows: This sort of manipulation never ended in freedom for the people but in hatred and wars…

I am very happy that I have found an entity in my life who opened the door and showed a way to true freedom through knowledge and experiences yielding a personal truth that is undisputed and incorruptible. Who is that entity? Ramtha, the Enlightened One, channeled by JZ Knight. Together, they have taken on a historic and monumental effort to evolve humanity. I am infinitely grateful to both of them.”

Thomas Mani
Founder and Facilitator of Bee Forever Apiary

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