Italy’s Sara Casari challenges RSE critics

Sara Casari

In her own words –
Italy Sara Casari shares her views on the charges by critics of RSE:

In the last couple of years I have been reading many defaming words about RSE, the school I have been part of as an international student since 2003.

The more I have been reading posts, articles, and threads, the more those words seemed to describe a reality that is the complete opposite of what I have been experiencing for more than 10 years now.

I was born and raised in Italy and as a gay woman, I came to know pretty soon what Catholic discrimination is; attitudes that I have never experienced at RSE, where every single student is treated equally regardless of age, nationality, sex, background or sexual orientation.

I deeply believe that there are no places in the modern western society, major religions and politics fairer or more equal than Ramtha’s body of teachings.
Whoever states the opposite clearly misunderstood them or has never walked through RSE’s doors.

RSE has been often labeled as a cult and I really wonder if the accusers have even a vague idea of what a real cult is.

For those who don’t know it, the “S” in the RSE acronym stands for School and like a school, RSE is organized: events are held worldwide and students attend them without any obligation regarding the number or the location.

Students at RSE can also decide to not attend any event for years and to come back when and if they desire. Freedom is total and undisputed and, once more, who states the opposite completely misunderstands the teachings or has never been to RSE or, clearly, has a personal agenda.

Ramtha is a teacher, not a guru and for over thirty years, as a teacher, he has never asked to be worshiped or venerated; on the contrary what he has been doing for all this time is teaching us to look at ourselves, to ask, to question and to find our own answers.

RSE is a school not an ashram and none of us has ever been asked to leave our families or countries to move and live closer to it [except for safety after Japan’s tsunami]: students who did that are fully responsible for the decision they made.

Clearly, for all the above reasons, people who participate are supposed and expected to be students, not followers or fanatics, with whom the latter two group the great majority of the “exes, now accusers” should identify themselves.

Now, how can someone define RSE as a cult when there are no obligations or requirements of any sort, when you are the one and only decision maker for every single aspect of your “RSE life” and when the body of teachings is thoroughly built to make people more and more independent and aware?

The risk here is to label as a cult anything that is not yet widely known or commonly accepted and understood. Did you all forget that two thousand years ago Christians were considered the members of a cult?

They were a new group and a challenging reality for the status quo…

Allegations say that students like me are “brainwashed” for believing in our teacher Ramtha, a 36.000 year old Lemurian. Honestly I wonder why his existence is so hard to accept or believe.

I am also pretty sure that Christians were too called “ brainwashed “ for believing in that humble young man whose mission was to empower and awaken them against the system and the Roman rules, who was telling them of a life after death in the kingdom of heaven and who was teaching them to do what he was able to do and even more…

Does it sound familiar?

Nowadays Catholicism and Jesus are universally accepted and never questioned aren’t they? So please, let me be a bit provocative here.

How many 21st century Christians have something more scientific than a book and their faith to prove that Jesus really existed and that he did and said what they are taught every Sunday in their Church?

But let’s not stop at religions, please. Let’s stretch our minds a bit further.

To you accusers, who call us brainwashed for believing without evidence or proof (which, btw, exist and are available to everyone) I would like to ask, Do you reserve the same treatment and judgements to those who believe Napoleon Bonaparte actually existed?

Have you ever shaken hands with Julius Caesar, sat beside Leonardo DaVinci while he was painting or meditated together with Bhudda?

How many of you have traveled to Saturn to confirm it is exactly how and where you have been told or dug so deep to see with your eyes that the center of Earth is a burning fire?”

Have you ever dined with an alien from the Pleiades or touched a UFO with your hands?

Because if you haven’t done any of the above things (and infinite more) and if you have ever had a direct experience of the facts you are told and you read but you still accept them as true, then you are not in the position of calling anyone brainwashed, unless you are willing to include yourself in the list.

Personally, I will always thank JZ Knight for allowing me to learn and to be part of her journey and I will always thank Ramtha for his unconditional Love and for his teachings through which I have made myself a better person and my life a beautiful one.

Sara Casari
Modena, Italy

P.S. Let me apologize for my “anything-but-perfect” English.
Allow me to clarify that no one, in any way, has asked and/or forced and/or paid me to write this letter.

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