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Paula Luiken on her mom living on after death

Paula Luiken

Paula Kuiken from Rainier, WA describes her mother living on beyond death.
Here is her story in her own words.

“Beyond The Grave”

“I just returned from my mom’s passing, which occurred on Feb. 23rd, 2014 in Peace River, Alberta, Canada.

Along with my other four sisters and one brother, I was with mom during her last forty days.

My entire family is of the Catholic faith. I, on the other hand found my way to Ramtha’s teachings in 1986. I have been a student of R.S.E. ever since.

I came to realize that my family was not certain about what transpires after one passes. ‘No one really knows’ they would say to me. To which I replied that there is a lot of recorded evidence now of people having passed and having communication with those of us on this side. I don’t think that they truly believed this.
Anyway, when I arrived in Peace River (after hearing about my mom’s condition getting to end-stage),I had the thought to focus upon her Holy, Holy Spirit. This I did. Perhaps I had hopes of seeing her spirit leave her body at the moment of her passing. That did not happen.

However, one afternoon, I was alone with mom in her palliative care room. She had been sleeping most of the morning. Suddenly, her face became transformed. She was looking much younger and there was a glow about her. I was in awe of what I was seeing! She no longer appeared eighty eight years of age…but rather as if she were forty. She was beautiful, young and glowing! I kept my vision on her.

Suddenly, she opened her eyes and looked upward toward the ceiling at the back of the room. She just stared in that direction as if mesmerized by something. Eventually, without moving her gaze, she smiled and closed her eyes again.

Having spent those last forty days with mom, whom I love very much, and having observed her energy diminish daily until it was all gone has been an unforgettable experience.

I had only been back in Rainier a couple of days when my younger sister calls me and tells me about what a woman at mom’s funeral had witnessed. I will use this person’s initials only (A.Z.) to relate the story.

A.Z. had met my sister for coffee. My sister wanted to give A.Z. a kerchief that had belonged to mom but had most likely been a gift from A.Z. upon her return from Magigoria.

A.Z. proceeds to tell my sister that she has had the ability to see spirits ever since her younger sister had passed years ago. A.Z. had also learned to be very cautious as to whom she discusses this with. A.Z. must have felt it was o.k. to talk to my sister.

As it turns out, A.Z. has two stories to relate. The first involves mom. The second is about my sister’s first husband who had died from a head injury thirteen years ago. He was only forty one. I will use his initials K.N. later when I relate his story.

Both stories confirm what we have learned from Ramtha and J.Z. at R.S.E.

The first story took place at mom’s funeral. This is what A.Z. saw: mom was standing in the area between her casket and the first pew (bench)- in front of her boyfriend. I was sitting next to mom’s boyfriend but did not see her. A.Z. said that mom was radiating and smiling. Mom even went to A.Z. Immediately, A.Z. asked mom: ‘Are you from God ?’ She said that mom gave her this look like ‘Really A !’ It seems that A.Z.has always asked this question to the spirits, because if they are not from God, she tells them to leave !

Once the service was complete, and we all proceeded to walk behind the casket, to exit the church, A.Z. saw mom walking along with us. And she did not limp! (mom had limped for the past sixty years – as a result of a leg operation.) So mom was radiating and smiling! She was waving goodbye to all. With one hand she was waving to the family; with the other she was waving to her friends.

After the service, my sister’s 3 year old grand-daughter was sitting with her family in their vehicle. She says to her mom: “great-grand-mother came to say goodbye to me.’ Her mom asks her, “what did great-grandmother look like?” The little girl replied: ‘cute’. So her mom inquired some more… ‘was she great-grandmother cute or angel cute ?’ The child’s reply, ‘angel cute.'”

Just like we learned from Ramtha – people who pass get to attend their funeral and say their goodbyes.

The second experience A.Z. related, concerned my sister’s first husband K.N. I had mentioned earlier that K.N. had died of a head injury when he was only forty one years old-and that had happened thirteen years ago.

At the time of his passing, K.N. believed that once he was buried in the ground- he would remain there. There was no other place to go.

However, A.Z. told my sister that soon after his passing, K.N. went to visit her and told her that he was lost. So A.Z. took his hand and they went toward the light.The moment K.N. heard heavenly music, he said: ‘I know where I am now, I can find my way.’

Then, some time later, K.N. came back to see A.Z. and told her that he did find his way and that he is o.k. now.

We have been taught so well at R.S.E. about one’s moment of passing…and the transition to the other side.

Thank you Ramtha and J.Z. for informing us and preparing us .

With much love for the School, Ramtha, and J.Z.”,em>

Paula Luiken and her mother

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