America’s PrepareAthon! April 30 –
Ramtha’s Recommendations for Sovereignty – for everyone

The READY Campaign of the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)

– “America’s PrepareAthon!”
“America’s PrepareAthon! is a nationwide, community-based campaign for action to increase emergency preparedness and resilience through hazard-specific drills, group discussions and exercises conducted at the national level every fall and spring.”
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– “Survivalism: it’s not just for right-wing wackos any more.”
By John Feffer, Foreign Policy in Focus in Truthout.
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– City of Yelm sends Emergency Manager to preparedness event
In what must be a first, the City of Yelm sent Police Chief Todd Stacil, Yelm’s Emergency Manager to join Andrew Kinney from Thurston County Emergency Management to a preparedness event in Yelm, hosted by RSE student Steve Craig.
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– Ramtha has spoken for over 30 years about being prepared
– From Ramtha: Stressing the importance of storing food for over 3 decades
“The important issue of preparedness I taught many years ago is that I asked for all of the people who would listen to put up food and to become sovereign and to have lots of water but to have it out of the ground, and to put up food for all of those concerned in your life, and to be sovereign — utterly sovereign — to save your clothing and to put it up, and to work towards a point that regardless of what would happen with the world you could continue to sustain yourself. Now that is not a new teaching. That happened many years ago in your time. But it is still important because the times that I spoke about are already here and are unfolding.”
– Ramtha
September, 1993
(Excerpt from: Taking the Journey Inward, September 16, 1993. Ramtha Dialogues®, Tape 9322 ed.)

– Ramtha’s “Recommendations for Sovereignty – for everyone
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