Dr. Louie Enos: “Uses RSE Techniques to Heal Horses”

Photo courtesy: Dr. Louie Enos, DVM
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Dr. Louie Enos, DVM has been a practicing equine veterinarian since 1977, beginning with a successful equine surgery practice in eastern Washington State. Since coming to see Ramtha over 25 years ago, he has always credited “his education at RSE® with enabling him to unravel the secrets behind illness and disease — emotional attitudes, how they develop, and their effect on the body,” quoting Louie’s website.
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– “Tenino Vet Uses RSE Techniques to Heal Horses”
“Yelm Resident Goes from Traditional Vet to One Using Ultraviolet Frequency”

From the March 21, 2014 edition of the Nisqually Valley News
By Steven Wyble
“Last Friday afternoon [March 14], with the sun shining but the wind producing a sharp chill, equine veterinarian Louie Enos stood before Shawna Mason and her horse, Beauty, on Mason’s property in Yelm.

Beauty had been having physical problems and Mason had asked Enos to work with her.”

“Enos runs an equine veterinary practice out of Tenino called Equine Manipulation Through Mind. Enos’ methods are exactly what the name implies — he claims to heal horses with the power of his mind.

Enos is no stranger to traditional veterinary practice, having operated a traditional clinic for many years. But when he became a student at the Ramtha School of Enlightenment in the 1980s, he began to apply the techniques he learned at the school to his veterinary patients.

As he stood over Beauty last week, Enos closed his eyes and placed a hand over the horse’s neck.

When he closes his eyes, Enos is accessing the ultraviolet frequency of the electromagnetic field, referred to as the Blue Body in RSE, he said. That frequency changes and modulates lower frequencies that ‘contain the information or polarity of disease’ in the mind and body, he said.

‘You’re going to see me go into a very focused state with my eyes closed,’ Enos said before his session with Beauty. After he accesses the ultraviolet field and alters the information that holds disease, the brain fires different and the ultraviolet frequency radiates to every cell in the body, he said. It affects cell receptor sites and DNA, and puts the animal in a unified state that ‘signifies a new level of healing,’ he said.”
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