“Why Germany wants its … gold back” –
Ramtha’s teachings on owning Gold

“Gold at the New York Fed. (Federal Reserve Bank of New York)”
Photo Courtesy: Washington Post

– “Why Germany wants its 674 tons of gold back”
“Germany’s central bank will relocate 54,000 solid gold bars, worth about $36 billion, from deep underneath the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Banque de France in Paris to the safe confines of German soil — vaults at the Bundesbank’s Frankfurt headquarters.”

“The fixation on its gold comes at a time when the world of finance seems in chaos. Germans are being asked to help rescue Greece and other European nations with troubled finances. The European Central Bank has bought bonds from some of those nations, which Germans widely view as tempting enormous inflation. Against that backdrop, it is perhaps not shocking that there is political resonance to the theory that the New York Fed and Banque de France may be putting one over on the Bundesbank and that some of Germany’s gold might actually be missing.

(This is, it should be noted, not solely a German fixation. There are plenty of Americans who are convinced that the U.S. gold reserves in Fort Knox are missing.),” quoting Neil Irwin in the Washington Post.
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– UPDATE: February 8, 2014
“10 Things That Everyone Should Know About The Federal Reserve”
Note: An excellent summary written by Michael Snyder of The Economic Collapse.
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– UPDATE: September 11, 2014
” An Economic Hit Man Speaks Out: John Perkins on How Greece Has Fallen Victim to ‘Economic Hit Men'”
By Michael Nevradakis, Truthout.
Note: John Perkins has been an RSE guest speaker.
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– UPDATE: October 30, 2014
“Alan Greenspan: Former Fed Chair – Goes for the Gold”
“On Wednesday [October 29, 2014], though, as the Federal Open Market Committee prepared to announce the end of the years-long asset purchase program known as Quantitative Easing, Alan Greenspan, the near-legendary Fed chair whose every utterance used to be parsed by market watchers, spoke before the Council on Foreign Relations and advised listeners that under current conditions, gold is probably a good investment.”
By Rob Garver, The Fiscal Times.
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– Ramtha’s teachings on owning Gold span decades
– “Monetarily speaking, your country is bankrupt. Your country does not have the gold reserves to back up their monies by fiat. At present, your economy is bankrupt and there will be a fall of the stock market to where your dollar goes to seven cents.”
November, 1986

– “In the days to come, your in-God-we-trust dollars should be invested in gold, for gold has sustained a three-thousand-year barter system. In the final analysis it will be the only thing that will have the value to buy your sovereignty completely when the transfiguration from economic monies to one card occurs.”

“The gold is to pay off your indebtedness so that no one owns you, and your foodstuffs are for your survival.”
— Ramtha, Update on Changes – the Days to Come
November, 1987

“I asked you to buy gold when it was cheap and put it up and not spend it. Just put it up. Its value will replace a destroyed currency. Are you not on that now? What is the value of gold? Everyone is going to it because the currency has no value. Do I think you should buy it now? You should have bought it a long time ago. That is what prophets do.”

— Ramtha, Afternoon Live-Stream
October 9, 2010

– “Last Waltz of the Tyrants, the Prophecy Revisited, captures Ramtha’s teachings and predictions over twenty years ago that describe the drastic changes that are coming from natural upheaval to economic and political turmoil. Ramtha explains the forces behind these changes and the many events throughout history — including our near future — which have been carefully planned out by a few.”
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