South African Tracey Foss’s story:
Reality is only an awareness away

Tracey Foss with her family and the Park Rangers

South African RSE student Tracey Foss uses her intuition, knowingness and RSE training to not be wavered off of what she KNEW was her truth, with an amazing outcome. Here is Tracey’s story in her own words in utilizing The Great Work in her life:

“We were staying at a bush lodge and we were told it is very safe to leave everything open and that we were the only people in the whole game reserve. .. Anyway on the Sunday morning we got into the land rover to go on a game drive. The lodge’s cleaning lady hadn’t arrived yet. We all grabbed our things for the game drive and I decided to leave my new iPhone on the table in the boma.

Upon returning, we saw the cleaner was cleaning up and we began to pack to head home. I suddenly became aware that my cell phone was not on the kitchen table where I had left it. We looked around and I asked the cleaner if she had seen it. She said, ‘No.’ I began to worry a bit. My husband was saying it’s impossible, no one could have taken it – he and our friends began to search everywhere. I went back to our tented room and sat on the bed.

I used my focus and ‘saw’ my phone and stated it was safe back with me in my hands.
I then walked out and everyone was still looking for it. I leaned against a tree and closed my eyes and then next thing I saw a wheel turning. It was a bicycle. I could see this bicycle moving, it was a male energy and I was suddenly the cell phone in his left pocket.

I said, “A man has taken it I can see him, he is on a bicycle now.’
My husband said I was nutty, there is no way. We quickly called the game ranger who was a friend of ours and I told him that my cell was missing (I never told him what I saw). He said it’s highly unlikely that it has been taken as it safe there. But he said he would see what he could do.

Unbeknownst to us, he was right at the entrance of the game park when I had called and he called his head ranger and said let’s check anyone coming out of the game reserve.
And we will start with that guy on a bicycle.
This guy was already out of the game reserve on the main road cycling away. He was called to come back and they frisked him. But nothing. The game ranger suspected that the guy was being shifty, so let him go on his way but he followed him. He saw the guy cycle for a while and then stop his bike and run down the bank and fetch a packet right on the game park fence. He then continued to cycle, all the while the ranger following. The next thing, he became aware that he was being followed, he threw the packet into the bush and cycled away fast. The ranger stopped and picked the packet up and in it was my iPhone.

Meanwhile, we were still back at the lodge still looking, but I was certain of what I saw.
Next thing my husband phone rings and it’s the ranger telling us they found my phone, and a guy on a bicycle had taken it. I saw my hubby look at me in disbelief and he repeated what the ranger had told him.
I said, ‘I told you I knew it, I could see the bike.’
My other friends were also amazed. We went to meet our friend and get my cell back. The ranger said if I had called ten seconds later, he would never have seen the guy. My timing for calling him was amazing, he said. I was so so grateful to him. (I didn’t tell him what I had seen.).

I just wanted to share this story because I know for a fact that everything I know about creating my own reality and Remote-View is from our teacher Ramtha.

So just wanted to share and send my deepest thanks and gratitude to Ramtha and JZ Knight for every thing they have taught me and opened me up to my own magnificence….

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