Danielle Graham builds consistency with 3rd major win

Danielle Graham

RSE student Danielle Graham credits her RSE training with a second $3,000+ win in 5 days.
Here is Danielle’s story in her own words:

“It is 5:30 am, very very early morning, Tuesday December 10, and I am just returning from a very very long and exciting evening at the Little Creek Casino outside of Shelton, WA.

There, I won my second $3,000+ jackpot, just 5 days after the first.

Same machine “Whale Song” Progressive Slot, different casino.
Originally, my intention at the Little Creek Casino last night was to play the slots a little, but mostly I was focused on the $2,000 drawings.

Then I saw the Whale Song machines, and saw that the Major Progressive Jackpot was also close to $3K — just as at the Lucky Eagle last week. I tried to talk myself out of playing the same machine again, but a very loud and clear voice in my head kept repeating, ‘Do it again.’ When I tried to dismiss the idea, I kept seeing the field: I had gotten my card last week, and now the directive was to ‘do it again.

By about 10 pm, I was sitting at the machine in earnest to win the Major Progressive. I won the jackpot about 3 am – about 5 hours total. Before I won the Major jackpot, I first won the minor jackpot – three times!!!

By the time the five hours had passed and I won the major jackpot, I had spend about $200 of my own money.

The experience of winning this jackpot was completely different than the first. This second time was more like a long tank than a short field, and the motivation was the press to ‘do it again’ — as a challenge to not lean on any laurels.

One thing I confronted and gained some mastery over was competition: There were other people playing the other machines also hoping to win the major jackpot. At some point I caught myself having competitive thoughts, and walked away from the machine. I then decided to re-approach the machine as if someone else would be winning the major progressive jackpot — and to be absolutely, sincerely happy for any of the other people playing Whale Song that evening. I used that experience of joy for the other players to override the thoughts and emotions of competition that were beginning to creep up on me!!

By 3 in the morning I was exhausted, but knew the casino would be closing at 4am, then reopening at 8am. I had already called the Little Creek Hotel for a room, as I intended on doing Twilight® at the hotel, then coming back to win the jackpot first thing in the morning (as I had done the first.) I was so tired, in fact, that I was physiologically merely “hanging on” — doing my best to stay present and motivated. Thus when I did win the major jackpot at about 3 am, it took me by surprise.

Off to bed. I wanted to share this new experience.

Total net winnings: $2925.00″

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