Din Wilkie’s “life-altering” awareness & observation

Din Wilkie

RSE student Dinny Wilkie submitted his story of how the RSE training has demonstrated many wonderful occurrences are just “an awareness away.” a recollection of my experience regarding the above sighted March 3, 2013
Here is Din’s recollection regarding what he sighted Sunday, March 3, 2013 on arrival to his Rainier, WA. home at the conclusion of the Advanced Retreat. Here is story in his own words:

“I headed up to our bed in the second floor loft of our home. Above the bed is a European style split window. Both halves of this window open inward. I always open the windows to let in the fresh, cool air and extend my right hand fully stretched open out to the stars. But not this time.
What I saw I have never seen before.

“We live on a 5 acre parcel which is similar in size to a square city block. The lot is surrounded by medium sized Douglas Firs, perhaps 80 to 90 feet tall. Our bedroom window faces east.”

“A surreal curtain of “fog” had formed around the perimeter of our property and although it was dark out the yard was well lit. Lighter than a full moon night for example. The curtain had hidden all of the Douglas Firs that surround the property. This fog curtain had some form of light to it. There was an uncommon silence, even more so than the silence of a Canadian winter night. Nothing moved. I could see the lawn below with clarity. This was a stunning and unusual sight.

And then I looked up.

All of the sky above the property was covered by a slow moving mother ship. There’s no other way to describe it. It was clearing the fog-hidden trees by maybe 100 feet. Maybe less. But it was so large I found it hard to assess distances. I was able to see in detail the bottom of the craft. It’s coloring was shades of gray due to the shadowing caused from the available light from the fog curtain. There was a depth to the designs of raised squares and rectangles covering the whole bottom of the ship. I couldn’t tell how much these designs were raised from the bottom of the ship but they were raised. I don’t recall any other geometric designs.”

Then, for lack of a better description it looked like 3 foot cotton balls were forming above covering the ship like a cloaking device. If you had a model ship like this and glued cotton balls to the bottom of it, so you couldn’t see the bottom of it anymore (cotton balls like you would buy at a drug store), that’s what this looked like. In a short time the view of the ship was almost blocked by these ‘cotton balls.'”

“I had no idea how big that craft was. It totally filled the sky above our property in every direction for the duration of the viewing. Even if it was only passing overhead at only 60mph I saw at least 20 to 25 miles of it without end.

For both my wife Trisha and I this was a life-altering experience and we are profoundly grateful for it.

Click here to read Din’s full story.

Din Wilkie’s drawing of his oberservation

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