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Ramtha: sleep important in brain function

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– “Study: Good Night’s Sleep Cleans Out Gunk in Brain”
“New research adds fresh evidence to a long-standing view: When we close our eyes, our brains go on a cleaning spree, getting rid of toxic substances. This cleaning was detected in the brains of sleeping mice, but scientists said there’s reason to think it happens in people too. Scientists say it’s clear sleep is the brain’s “housecleaning” tool.”

“If so, the finding may mean that for people with dementia and other mind disorders, ‘sleep would perhaps be even more important in slowing the progression of further damage,’ Dr. Clete Kushida, medical director of the Stanford Sleep Medicine Center, said in an email.

Kushida did not participate in the study, which appears in Friday’s issue of the journal Science,” quoting by Alicia Changs for the AP.
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– UPDATE: October 31, 2013
“Sleep Is Critical for Brain Detoxification, Groundbreaking Research Finds”
By Dr. Mercola.
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– Ramtha on brain function during sleep
“During sleep, the brain — even though it has turned off the body — is still receiving information from the future. The midbrain is still processing data even though your conscious self, your personality, has been turned off. So then the brain goes into slow frequency and fires different pictures that are associated with different parts of the body. It fires them so they can be observed. That observation helps to restore the body during sleep. The sleep can be for three minutes and can be fully restorative. The brain fires the images so that the Observer can see the images — which images have to do with the person’s illness, their health, their pain, whatever it may be — so that the body is restored because that is the brain’s responsibility.

On the other hand, the incoming frequencies from the future never cease because one is asleep. Those continue to fire. During slumber, without your personality — which is now asleep because that part of the brain is turned off — your function as a self moves to a different part of the brain. Some people leave their body, and the brain continues to process information. You can go out of your body, you can go wherever you wish, or you can stay in the body. Actually you can be in several places at once. But there is always a place that the self moves if it is inside of the body, inside of the brain. In that place it can watch the firings of the midbrain. Observing those futures allows in that state an absolute presence, to absolutely be there when that event happened. That is the purest state of processing infrared, which are future days and future moments. By observing those future moments the self is transported into the future, and now for moments, a flash, it is experiencing what the future is bringing. The brain is experiencing it simultaneously. For what purpose? Because this has everything to do with you.

There is a difference between precognitive dreaming, the midbrain firing continuously, and simply repairing damage by images that seem distorted and are difficult to define what their meaning is. Those are dreams that are meant to heal the body. They are images fired by the brain that are specific to different parts of the body that need repair, and that goes on during a period of time of rest. It is very important that the brain gets to do that while this other part is going on. So precognitive dreams are by and large vastly different than broken segments of a dream in a brain just flashing pictures so that the body can be repaired.”
– Ramtha
Yelm, WA.
April 14, 2007
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