Science: “Genes predispose people…”
Ramtha: Pre-determined genes concept omits free will

– “Genes Predispose Some People to Focus On the Negative”
“A new study by a University of British Columbia researcher finds that some people are genetically predisposed to see the world darkly.

The study, published in Psychological Science, finds that a previously known gene variant can cause individuals to perceive emotional events — especially negative ones — more vividly than others.

“This is the first study to find that this genetic variation can significantly affect how people see and experience the world,” says Prof. Rebecca Todd of UBC’s Dept. of Psychology,” quoting Science Daily.
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– Ramtha on the subject of pre-determined genes
“Why is it so important for anyone to care if an electron has free will or not? Because as the scientist said, if an electron is predetermined, there is no free will, and if the electron is predetermined — which constitutes the human being’s physical parameters — then the human being is predetermined and has no will at all.

Now if predetermination locks one into a destiny, then we should also understand that even the scientists — who some are for the most part atheists — would have come to find in their generation no reincarnation in their genetics, simply living on through the genes that they have been given and to propagate. When scientists boldly made the statements that the universe is predetermined, that the way it functions is predetermined, they now begin to stand on a shaky limb because most great visionaries in science understand that free will should never have been robbed from any human being. The consequences are immense.

If a human being is made up of a humble electron and one says that it is predetermined, then there is no free will. And if there is no free will, we will draw the curtains to the end of this event this day and simply suggest why try.”
– Ramtha
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