With all e-mails and phone calls being stored, are your words such they can be written in the sky for all to see? Ramtha on this pertinent topic.

Blue LEDs on a row of servers indicate that everything is running smoothly,
at the Google data center in Douglas County, Georgia.
Photo credit: Google via EPA

– “After NSA encryption-cracking revelation, can we trust Internet security?”
“News that the NSA can break or bypass a variety of digital encryption tools has researchers second-guessing the strength of Internet security products they previously trusted, and wondering exactly who else, besides the feds, may be listening in,” by Nidhi Subbaraman NBC News.
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– Ramtha on “Being an Honorable and Impeccable Person”
Ramtha has always asked if our thoughts and words were acceptable to us to have them written in the sky for all to see.

This is no different than at the light review after death, because at the light everything is uncovered. The soap opera is shown right in front of you, and you are all players and see how disgusting that was. The one thing that you take with you from the light review, as the personality aspect of the great self, is feeling that you dishonored yourself — flat-out dishonored yourself — and as a result you manipulated, were insincere, and untruthful to other people.

I used to call lies creative truths, and they still are creative truths. Creative truth is to avoid the motive. When you are what you are, you never, ever have to protect what you say. You never have to worry about what you say because all of your thoughts are written in the energy around you, just as if they were written in the sky above. You never have to worry. If one hundred thousand years from now those thoughts, that ulterior motive, comes back to you, you will feel no shame for it because the motive was not disingenuous. It was a motive evolving. It did not make a lot of people succumb to it. It wasn’t using others and it wasn’t abusive; it was genuine. That is true evolution.
– Ramtha
The teaching was originally published in SuperConsciousness Magazine in 2009.
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Posted: September 7th, 2013 - Featured Articles, News Headlines, Ramtha

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