Student Accomplishments: Bonnie Carey
Attributes RSE training in her wins

Bonnie Carey

RSE student Bonnie Carey describes her learning’s from her study at RSE. Here is Bonnie’s story in her own words:

“I just wanted to report my winnings s a completion of step one of my disciplines and journey.
I went to the spring event where we went to the casino and created our number. I did it. I won.”

“I had done my 24 hr cycle and 3 am walk throughout the house. I created my day and was out on my patio “at the starlight” and David asked me if I wanted to go to the casino again. I said no. I was still afraid of failure. The afternoon went by and David [my husband] said “let’s go”. I remember saying, “I don’t want to go. I don’t feel like going.”

I was afraid of not only failure but now afraid of having to perform.
Since I didn’t feel like going I decided I’d go. I gridded the sky thru the windshield all the way to the casino. We got there and David asked me if I could hold off on getting my straight flush so he could play for awhile. I laughed and said no problem. I bought my 12 chips. I focused anyway, or thought I was. I spun my bands, I ordered the shuffle master to deal me a straight flush (that’s the machine that shuffles the cards for the dealer) I tightened down and held my breath till I could feel my head fill up with energy . I won some small hands and I lost a little. After a while I was down to my 10th chip and I got my straight flush; $1,000 again. This time was different. It was the fourth big win in three days. The first three were exciting. This time I was awe struck and so very calm. There was really nothing to say. I looked at David and he looked at me I quietly whispered, “I did it, I did it again, I really did it.” He said he wouldn’t have believed it if he didn’t see it.
So I cleared over $3,000 in three days.”

At Assay, my focus table was not opened. so I meandered over to the craps table and turned $100 into $464, betting $5 chips. I focused on, “I am a winner, any time, any place, any thing, any condition.”…and of course the dice numbers.

So overall I am still $3,200+ up. I continue to wrestle with and endeavor to own fear of failure vs. knowingness, and darn it all doubt.”
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