Food tastes better when blessed prior to eating –
Ramtha on the value of blessing one’s food

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– “Singing Happy Birthday Makes Cake Taste Better”
“If you want to make your food taste better, and more thoroughly enjoy the experience of a meal, it may be as simple as performing a ritual first, according to new research from the University of Minnesota.”

“Singing ‘Happy Birthday’ before eating birthday cake is one example, but the beauty of this finding is that it works for healthy food too, giving simple strategies you can implement today to get more enjoyment out of your food,” quoting Dr. Mercola.
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– UPDATE: November 27, 2014
“How Sharing Food Makes You a Better Person”
By Dr. Mercola.
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“Developing an Attitude of Gratitude Can Help You Live a Longer, Happier Life”
Besides sharing time with family and friends over food, the primary ingredient of the American Thanksgiving holiday is gratitude. While it’s certainly good to have an annual holiday to remind us to express gratitude, there’s much to be said for the benefits of cultivating the spirit of thankfulness year-round.

People who are thankful for what they have are better able to cope with stress, have more positive emotions, and are better able to reach their goals. Scientists have even noted that gratitude is associated with improved health.

As noted in a previous article on this topic published in the Harvard Mental Health Letter,” by Dr. Mercola.
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– Ramtha on the value and purpose of blessing one’s food
– “Before you put any food in your mouth, I want you to close your eyes for a moment. I want you to bless the food that it empowers you and gives you energy. And you consume it; it does not consume you.”
– Ramtha
Primary Follow-up
Yelm, WA
October 1 & 3, 1999

– “Teach your children how to bless their food.”
– Ramtha
The Legacy Teachings
Yelm, WA
February 6, 2003

– “How often should we be present, and indeed should we ever not be present? Conquer your mood, conquer your emotions, and don’t be enslaved by the past experiences that gave them to you. Be clean and present. You are about to go to foodstuffs. And you are going to run to the latrines and get ready to go to the hall to a well-deserved feast. But do you leave behind what you just heard here, or are all things worth your focus?
Bread is a gift of the Gods. Wheat is not indigenous to the Earth. When you break bread, look at it and be present with it. The moment you focus on it, you are showing it to your God. That is going to change what it does to your body. Before you ever pick up your food, look at it first and let your God take a great look at it. The purpose is to change it. Now you are eating not toxins, biological wastes, but divine things. The blessing of the food and bread doesn’t involve saying to God, “Thank you for this.” You only have to show them to it. And by doing so you are humbly grateful for them. Their structure will change, because you are looking at them.”

– Ramtha
Excerpt, South Korea Campaign
August 22, 2010

From: The New Genesis, CD 1012, Campaign: South Korea
22 August 2010
Volume 31, #12
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