Sophie Sykes learned at Assay:
“manifestations can come from anywhere”

Sophie Sykes

RSE student Sophie Sykes had some important and inspirational experiences after Assay and heard “Ramtha said that our wealth and manifestations can come from any where, literally any where.” Here is Sophie’s story in her own words:

“During the Great Assay Ramtha said that our wealth and manifestations can come from any where, literally any where. He said that we could be working on our land and turn over a rock and find gold coins, or be standing in our back yard and discover oil beneath our feet and so on…

Well, with that in mind, I realized that anything can happen at any time. So for me, it was the day after Assay when I went to my mail box and found a letter from the State Department of Lands. The letter said that there were some funds in an escrow account that were being held for me from a property that I had sold 7 years ago. I couldn’t even remember the property and I had NO idea that all the funds had not been distributed. I was shocked to find out that there is $1,172.88 waiting for me to claim. Wow! I thought, these funds came “out of the blue.” It was a total surprise and I was jumping with joy.

On the third day after Assay I received an email from an incredible person who gifted me (and several others) a seat for Ramtha’s Mid-Summer Celebration. I sat there and stared at the email and tears filled my eyes as I screamed OMG, this is so wonderful!

Thank you, JZ and thank you, Ramtha for all the knowledge and amazing teachings that are changing my life. I realize now that my acceptance is growing. I realize now that I am beginning to love myself into life. And wow, love is magic, life is magic!

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