Beginning student David Wood shares RSE experience

June Beginning Event student David Wood

David Wood completed the June 26-30, 2013 Beginning Event and submitted his observations. Here are David’s comments in his own words:

“Dear Michelle, Jaime, and Miceal,

I must share a few reflections from last week’s Beginner’s Event…….

A heartfelt ‘bravo’ to each of you and to the inimitable Ramtha and JZ for five days that beggar all language. Your guidance and teaching proved first class. The casual setting liberated one and all. The disciplines, pacing, and focus of the retreat layered miracle upon marvel, with a ‘Ramthian’ finale so powerful that I’m writing from within my personal chrysalis. What price a metamorphosis? My eternal gratitude is just the start.

Miceal primed me since October 26, 2012, with ‘Sacred Conversations‘ in the home of Luke and Liza (up in the Bald Hills), and at the Triad Theater. And after his world-class scholarship puréed my intellectual crust, your introduction to the RSE rounded out a nexus of thought and feeling—consciousness and energy—that transforms my life for ever. As Jaime pointed out, “I’ve come home.”

It’s an agony for me to miss the Assay, but with my nine-year-old reliant on me for half the time, and with work stacked high, I’ll wait until the Advanced course in September for an encore.

My back-story led me to Yelm via Jerusalem, so to speak. Up until last September, when my heresies squeezed me out of Christian ministry, I’d been a ‘front man’ for Jehovah since 1989. Having said that, I spent my entire pastoral career downplaying the ‘angry god motif’ and trying to carve space for free-thinkers within an evangelical world. Needless to say, I closely resembled Don Quixote charging windmills. To paraphrase Miceal, religion is so fundamentally flawed that it cannot be fixed.

Imagine, then, my delight at discovering a spiritual paradigm that centers its participants on a cocktail of quantum physics and our divine inter-connectivity throughout the multiverse. Count me in! Ramtha’s existence heartwarmingly extends cutting-edge science to its logical conclusion. We are not alone. We are eternally integrated.

For the first time in my life I worked organically with my Holy Spirit and felt whole.

Love, peace, and joy,

David Wood

UPDATE: August, 2013
David Wood returns to RSE with his 9-year-old daughter

David Wood with daughter Megan

My nine-year-old sidled into last week’s Beginner’s Retreat wearing her stereotypical patchwork of childhood insecurities. Five days later, she strode away a young-woman-in-the-making. Within a flash her mother called, shocked by Megan’s newfound chutzpah, and by her vivid tales of fieldwork and elvish woodlands. In short, my girl sensed her inner Goddess through your care, and I could kiss your feet!!

Thank you for penetrating so many hearts and minds, whatever the vintage of each participant! With one eye on her iPod touch games and with one ear cocked toward your voices, Meg soaked up Ramtha’s concepts by osmosis. She nailed the Remote View and, in the midst of a C&E rest phase, saw a futuristic vision of herself as a beautiful woman framed inside a giant orb. I let hot tears slip free on that one!

For me, your leadership proved an unmissable encore. Since my June induction, I’d been faced with my personality’s melange of delusions, gummed together over time into a vast papier-mâché effigy of myself. I saw how I’d preached unconditional love for years in settings wherein I could neither produce, nor understand its meaning. Only by returning to the RSE could I redress the farce, take my next steps in enlightenment, and listen, practice, and sit among wizards at the fire pit.

What can I say about a school that snatches lives from the jaws of everyday death? Bring your kids! They”re never too young, and you’re never too old for eternal life!

With immeasurable gratitude from both of us,

David Wood

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