UK’s climate scientists and meteorologists to debate causes of UK’s weather issues

Flooding at North Cave, near Hull, after heavy rain in June 2007.
The Met Office is hosting a meeting to discuss the UK’s unusual weather.
Photograph: Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

– “Met Office brainstorms UK bad weather”
“Climate scientists and meteorologists are meeting next week to debate the causes of UK’s disappointing weather in recent years”

“Tuesday’s [June 18] meeting at the forecaster’s HQ in Exeter is being convened in response to this year’s cool spring, which, according to official records, was the coldest in 50 years.

The one-day gathering will be led by Stephen Belcher, head of the Met Office Hadley Centre and professor of meteorology at the University of Reading, and will include up to 20 experts from the UK’s leading climate research institutions.”

“The Met Office said it had never held a formal meeting in this way to discuss possible causes behind the UK’s unusual weather of recent years.

Scientists are normally reluctant to attribute anomalous weather to climate change because climate is typically defined as a regional average pattern of weather witnessed over a period of 30 or more years.

However, the attendees will discuss a range of possible causes, including melting Arctic sea ice, changes to ocean currents in the north Atlantic, and alterations to the jet stream.”

“Peter Stott, who leads the Met Office’s climate monitoring and attribution team, said there were ‘tentative indications in recently published papers that melting Arctic sea ice is affecting the position and behaviour of the jet stream’.”

“A Met Office spokesman said: ‘We have seen a run of unusual seasons in the UK and northern Europe, such as the cold winter of 2010, last year’s wet weather and the cold spring this year. This may be nothing more than a run of natural variability, but there may be other factors impacting our weather there is emerging research which suggests there is a link between declining Arctic sea ice and European climate – but exactly how this process might work and how important it may be among a host of other factors remains unclear,'” quoting UK’s The Guardian.
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– “Climate talk shifts from curbing CO2 to adapting”
“Efforts to curb global warming have quietly shifted as greenhouse gases inexorably rise.

The conversation is no longer solely about how to save the planet by cutting carbon emissions. It’s becoming more about how to save ourselves from the warming planet’s wild weather.

It was Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s announcement last week of an ambitious plan to stave off New York City’s rising seas with flood gates, levees and more that brought this transition into full focus.

After years of losing the fight against rising global emissions of heat-trapping gases, governments around the world are emphasizing what a U.N. Foundation scientific report calls “managing the unavoidable,” quoting the AP’s Seth Borenstein.
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– UPDATE: December 5, 2013
“UK weather brings Scotland to a standstill”
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– Ramtha on the cause of UK’s weather flux – from 2010
– Ramtha expanded on his freeze predictions after he left London in 2010.
“It is no coincidence being in London in the very place that will soon be covered with ice — not a lot of ice but enough to say this is a knock on your door — that after I left [September, 2010] , scientists make this breakthrough explanation that the current belt that brings that warm water up to the Far North of Europe and to the Atlantic seaboard is less now than half of its ability.
More cold water from the melting of Greenland is sloughing off in the North Sea, and the winds from the North that are cooling down everything could stop this current conveyor belt. And do you know what happens when it stops? You have winter in the most severe ways. That is already under way.
To all of Europe — including right down to the ankle of Italy — an ice is coming, a warning is coming. That nasty little environment will start to show itself only slightly this winter, so look for strange ice storms in Europe and the American north, and even look for them around the equator.
So what we have is an introduction to the violence of nature, a calling card. 2011 will be all about calling cards all over the world.”

– Ramtha
October 9, 2010
Afternoon Live Stream from Yelm

– JZ and Ramtha on climate change – from 2007

The climate change and its catastrophic results have been created by humanity.
Never before in human reckoning have we stood upon the precipice of our own demise.
Global warming is here today — no longer fiction, but fact.
It is not too late to change our choices.

– JZ Knight, 2007

“Ramtha on the climate change and its catastrophic results”
Click here for a video excerpt from Ramtha.
– Ramtha
Yelm, WA
April 24, 2007
Update on Change
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