Student Accomplishments:
Renee Webb & Lorna Soldan credit RSE in wins

Renee Webb and Lorna Soldan

RSE students Renee Webb and Lorna Soldan incorporated the training of focus learned at RSE in winning over $2,500 NET at the casino. Here is Renee’s and Lorna’s story in their own words:

On June 22nd. Lorna Soldan, and Renee Webb combined the numbers that we had created in focus to play Keno. After the Million Dollar Event of serious focus, we headed to the casino to win. We played 7 numbers, and won on 6 out of seven for a $2000.00 win. Lorna also won $850.00 on slots, and 50.00 on a scratch card that day as well.
Net win is a total of $2,620.00.

In May, Renee had gotten 4 out 4 numbers on a Keno Jackpot for a 630.00 win, and 5 out
of 6 for a $735.00 win, as well.

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