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Oz’s Virginia Huupponen credits RSE training for inspirational breakthrough

Virginia Huupponen

RSE student Virginia Huupponen of Perth, Western Australia attributes the training of focus learned at RSE in contributing to her recent ‘wealth’ manifestation of $10,950 USD. Here is Virginia’s story in her own words:

“Though my recent ‘wealth’ manifestation doesn’t follow the protocol of seeing numbers or symbols and experiencing wins at the casino or from a lotto, I am already enjoying the fruits of this magic manifestation, to the tune of $11,800.00 [$10,950 USD]. I don’t need any recognition or validation, however I just share this to honour and celebrate the teachings of Ramtha and acknowledge and give thanks for the constant encouragement and example of JZ.

Initially I was not going to share the story since I thought it was not the direct result of my focus on seeing numbers. But whilst returning my Neighborhood Walk® this morning (and wistfully thinking of you all over there!), I realised that was not at all true. It definitely was the result of my focusing on seeing numbers, except it was specifically due to my failure to see them!

When I didn’t win at the casino with numbers I’d focused on, and wasn’t seeing any new numbers come to me from the web in the C&E® Ramtha taught at an early event, I was very tempted to think (and feel!) I just wasn’t up to scratch as a student, and that I obviously hadn’t done enough of the fundamental disciplines. But I really wanted to participate in this latest discipline and continue to hone my focus, as well as keep up with the rest of you.

I am well imprinted with Ramtha’s dictum ‘Perception is Everything!’ I realised my neuronet on manifesting wealth was tied – like the Gordian Knot – to some lack, and to striving and efforting. I have previously known wealth but am currently experiencing debt, so I’m aware I’m entangled with threads of desperation and exasperation with myself as well. If I chose to perceive ‘seeing the numbers’ as essential to manifesting wealth, then my failure to see them created another boundary. And wouldn’t that perception itself, be coming from a place of lack?

Recalling our collective experience with the Cards, I decided to look at this discipline from a different point of view. I would continue my focus on manifesting wealth ‘in surprising ways’ but I would do so by BE-ing it and forget about the immediate need for numbers. What I really sought was the healing and release from a core belief of lack, which would be evident with the manifestation of some unexpected money.

So for the month of May I walked wealth, sang it, danced it, laughed it, slept with an ingot of gold, did C&E® on golden DNA, and occasionally bought a lotto ticket – just in case.

Then two weeks ago I received a totally unexpected ‘gift’ of $11,800.00 AUD [$10,950 USD] as a Thank You for helping someone! It is not a lotto win (that is still coming!) but it is evidence of the truth of the effectiveness of Ramtha’s powerful disciplines.

With great joy and deep gratitude.

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