Science: North Pole shifting as ice sheets melt –
Ramtha in 2007 on effects of polar icecaps melting:
“The Earth is going to shift on its axis”

A true-color image taken on May 5, 2000, by an instrument aboard NASA’s Terra spacecraft,
over the North Pole, with sea ice shown in white and open water in black.
CREDIT: Image by Allen Lunsford, NASA GSFC Direct Readout Laboratory;
Data courtesy Tromso receiving station, Svalbard, Norway

– “North Pole Moves as Ice Sheets Melt”
” The North Pole’s surprise trip toward Greenland is due to Earth’s rapidly melting ice sheets, a new study finds.

The distribution of mass across the planet determines the position of Earth’s poles. Because Earth is a bit egg-shaped, the North Pole is always slightly off-center. It’s also been slowly drifting south, responding to long-term changes since the last Ice Age, as the enormous ice sheets that once covered large swaths of the planet melted and parts of the Earth rebounded from the lost weight.

But in 2005, the pole suddenly started making a beeline east for Greenland, moving a few centimeters eastward each year. The cause? Rapid melting of the Greenland Ice Sheet, finds a study published May 13 in the journal Geophysical Research Letters. Ice loss and the associated sea-level rise account for more than 90 percent of the polar shift, Nature News reported,” quoting Becky Oskin, LiveScience.
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– “Natural tilts in earth’s axis cause ice ages, says Harvard scientist – and their cycles could help predict the next one”
Read more from Rob Waugh in UK’s Daily Mail, February 2, 2012.

– UPDATE: July 2, 2013
“It’s Climate Change: I Told You So”
By The Daily Take, The Thom Hartmann Program.
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– UPDATE: December 4, 2014
“Their Sky Has Changed!” Inuit elders sharing information with NASA regarding Earth’s ‘WOBBLE'”
“It seems the Inuit elders are also witnessing strange and unfathomable weather up there in the North.
The elders talk about how their world has changed, how it was then and how it is now.
It is a worrying picture, a picture of melting glaciers and thinning or disappearing sea ice.

The elders maintain the Sun doesn’t rise were it used too, they have longer day light to hunt and the Sun is higher than it used to be and warms up quicker than before.
The elders who were interviewed across the north all said the same thing, their sky has changed.
The stars the Sun and the Moon have all changed affecting the temperature, even affecting the way the wind blows, it is becoming increasingly hard to predict the weather, something that is a must on the Arctic.

The elders all agree, they believe the Earth has shifted, wobbled or tilted to the North,” quoting Susan Duclos, All News Pipeline.
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– Ramtha spoke of the effects of the icecaps melting years ago
“The Earth is going to shift on its axis — a small amount but a lot — three degrees at first. A three-degree axis shift is momentous. That is coming because of the melting of the icecaps.”

“The icecaps are melting. The great hole to the center of the Earth will finally be exposed. If there is still control to keep you from not seeing it, they will do that. But the ice is melting everywhere. All the glaciers are going. Centuries and centuries of water frozen for needy times is going away. And where do you think it is going? It is going into the oceans. The fresh water is turning into salt water. So when your reserve of frozen water miles and miles thick is gone, where will your fresh water come from?
The oceans are rising. And these are all the things that I already said a long time ago were going to occur.”

– Ramtha
April 14, 2007
Yelm, WA
“Change: The Days That Are Here”
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– “Now your world is in trouble. Your icecaps are melting. The North Pole’s icecaps are melting and when all that cold water enters Greenland in the upper Atlantic, the flow of warm water will cease in Atlatia and in a short time you are going to have catastrophic conditions in the world.”
– Ramtha
November 20, 2006.
Excerpt from: Ramtha in Mexico

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