Jason Martell on the partitioned human brain –
Ramtha on a bicameral human brain

The split (bicameral brain)

– Jason Martell on the “The Partitioned Human Brain”
“Jason Martell is one of the world’s leading researchers specializing in ancient Sumerian advanced technology. His fifteen-year study is backed by supporting academic and mainstream scientific evidence, primarily from scholar Zecharia Sitchin, as well as Dr. Robert Harrington and other top NASA Scientists.

He has appeared on both the Discovery and History Channels, numerous radio and television talk shows, and is a regular speaker at conferences. For greater public access to this research and related information, he created the popular, nonprofit website

SuperConsciousness Magazine spoke with Jason Martell about the apparent genetic connection between the Anunnaki and human beings referenced in the ancient Sumerian tablets and reliefs.”

“The texts clearly state that the Anunnaki created us as workers for a specific purpose, which was to mine gold. There are many pieces of Sumerian evidence that support that idea.”

Every other species on this planet has a neurological network in the brain that they fully utilize: All other species use all of their synapses. Human beings are the only ones that have a genetic partition on their brain where we’re only using up to ten percent of the brain,” quoting the interview conducted by Danielle Graham, SuperConsciusness Magazine.
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– Ramtha on the human split brain
“Let’s talk about the Gods for a moment. They are called superbeings because they are way ahead of the evolutionary curve. They gave you a jump-start into your Cro-Magnon state. In our servitude, there was never a question because the Gods provided food, water, wine, and shelter. As long as we were in the Gods’ favor, then we, like moths around the flame, drew to the Gods who had the superior knowledge.
It was simply a level of acceptance to be around a God. A God is a being that has become God/mass, has become superknowledge, superconsciousness, superscience, super awareness. After all, they traversed space to get here. But when they left, that is when the real cycle of reincarnation and its troubles started. It has taken 35,000 years, from my time to this time, for you to totally be abandoned by the Gods.”

“There was no technology transfer. There was actually a decline from the time the Gods left, like a child that has been given everything but the child has not been taught how to do it.
The Gods were very selfish about what they knew. They made everyone workers, but no one was given the architecture. No one was empowered as an architect, to see the architecture of what everyone was creating. It was compartmentalized. Thus we have the big split brain. Everything was compartmentalized. So what have you been doing for 35,000 years? You have been on your own. You have endeavored to be resourceful. You still worship those Gods that came here and left. And what you have been doing for 35,000 years is been having an emotional tantrum.”

– Ramtha
February 23, 2001
Yelm, WA
Blue College Retreat

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