Oldest artifacts found, 40,000+ years old –
Ramtha: Earth inhabited 35,000+ years ago

Chief archaeologist on the Brighton bypass project Rob Paton
next to some test holes with fellow archaeologists Kathryn Rogers and Aaron Everett.

– “Ancient secrets uncovered”
[From 2010] “A STUNNING archaeological discovery at Brighton could change scientific understanding of human occupation.
The discovery of artefacts that could be among the oldest in the world has prompted the State Government to consider adding a multi-million-dollar bridge to its Brighton bypass plans.

In a new development set to rock the scientific world, the artefacts found in the path of the proposed bypass could be twice as old as previously thought.

The discovery of the remains, that preliminary estimates show could be at least 40,000 years old, would give the scientific world a unique glimpse of a previously unknown period of human occupation this far south on the planet.”

“Previously, the oldest researched human DNA came from a Croatian Neanderthal who died about 28,000 years ago,” quoting Damien Brown in Australia’s The Mercury.
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– “Ice Age Tools Hint at 40,000 Years of Bushman Culture”
By Michael Balter in Science Magazine – August, 2012.
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– “Prehistoric flutes date to 42,000 years ago”
By Dan Vergano, USA TODAY – May 24, 2012.
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– UPDATE: July 28, 2015
“French teen finds 560,000 year-old tooth”
“A 16-year-old French volunteer archaeologist has found an adult tooth dating back around 560,000 years in southwestern France, in what researchers hailed as a “major discovery” Tuesday [July 28, 2015].

“A large adult tooth — we can’t say if it was from a male or female — was found during excavations of soil we know to be between 550,000 and 580,000 years old, because we used different dating methods,” paleoanthropologist Amelie Viallet told AFP,” by Laurence Boutreu, AFP.
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– Ramtha has stated frequently great civilizations lived 35,000 year ago
Ramtha’s lifetime was 35,000 years ago
“Ramtha is an ancient warrior, conqueror, and ascended Master who lived 35,000 years ago. Remnants of his life and teachings exist in various archaeological artifacts from India and Egypt, as well as ancient Hindu literature.”
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Ramtha spoke of civilizations in Mexico 35,000 years ago
Lemuria was not a great continent. Its shores were today’s Pacific Northwest. Beyond its beach line there were lakes and swamps. My great elders — the great elders — knew a war was coming and they warned everyone. There was a safe passage made for us to Baja California and Mexico, which were all swamplands. We came out of the Earth as a long march of pilgrims crossing a swamp to the furthest port of Atlatia called Onai. We were running for our lives. The elders who prophesied this went down with their continent and are buried beneath the shores of the Pacific Northwest.

Our pilgrimage to Onai was through Baja California and Mexico. At the time of our pilgrimage, Mexico was not a stable landmass; it was a swampland. That was 35,000 years ago.”
– Ramtha
September 14, 1998
Yelm, WA
“The Greatest History Lesson Ever Taught”
Tape #388

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