Student Accomplishments:
Barbara Morando lives her day differently, wins $2K net

Winner Barbara Morando

RSE student Barbara Morando used the training of focus learned at RSE in winning $2,000 NET at the casino. Here is Barbara’s story in her own words:

“Yesterday morning [May 14, 2013] after my Neighborhood Walk® I was sitting with a cup of coffee, contemplating and talking to God as I often do. The conversation went something like this:
“You know, Ramtha’s “Supercharging the Future – The Million Dollar Event” is coming up soon and there’s no way I can make enough money to get myself there. I can’t work any harder or more than I am already and I have to come up with $3,500 dollars for the dental situation I have created, which needs to be taken care of straight away…
YOU have to do it for me.

God knows my desire to be at that event is strong. I haven’t missed any event I’ve wanted to attend since the beginning and I’m not about to now.

I hatched my plan for the day, different than usual.
Pedicure, shopping, frappuccino and a leisurely drive to the casino. Kind of a dream day in and of itself. No working, laundry, computer etc., etc., etc.

I’m pretty much employing what all of the great ones have done that have gone before me.
I fell asleep with ‘I have always been a winner.’

My morning Neighborhood Walk® incorporated, “I have always been a winner.”
‘I win, I win, I win,’ throughout the day.
I did my Neighborhood Walk® to the casino entrance.
Nothing extraordinary so far.
Yet, when inside, about 3:30 pm, I had the thought to enter the drawing, but immediately dismissed it. I won’t be in here that long I said to myself. My post morning Neighborhood Walk®, coffee and discipline of Create Your Day® was specific about taking my 100 bucks, getting my 1000 dollars and leaving….all in less than a hour. That’s right I didn’t want to spend my entire self-declared day off in the casino.

At first I started to go to the same area/machines I have gone to in the past, caught myself, changed directions and sat down on one of 3 vacant Copper Dropper machines. I just knew I was sitting at the right one.

No thinking, “soft” focus, and oh yes at this machine focus on wilds. In less than 10 minutes I won $1,078. I invested back about $50 and hit the cash out button. On they way to the cage to cash in my ticket I had the thought, “I’m going to get another $1,000 for Kenny (my husband, who has kindly paid for my events in the past when I didn’t come up with the money), so he can go to Ramtha’s “Supercharging the Future – The Million Dollar Event, too.

I put the $1,000 in my wallet and with a little more than $20 of Red Wind Casino’s money, plus $20 of my own, I proceeded. I sat down at one machine for a few minutes, but it didn’t seem right somehow. I got up and went to the Fireball machine, sat down and was in “the zone” and again within 10 minutes or so won the $1,038.

I left the casino about 45 minutes after I arrived with $2,000 dollars more in my purse.

I’ll see you at the event…

P. S. Wow, it’s happening…

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