Student Accomplishments:
Victoria “Blaze” attributes her healing to RSE trainings –
Focused on unique set of numbers at her Retreat!

Victoria Blazejewski
Photo credit: Marcia Keilee

RSE student Victoria Blazejewski used the Neighborhood Walk® and Blue Body® healing disciplines learned in the School’s curriculum to heal herself of a catastrophic blood disease.
Read Victoria’s story in her own words and see her before and after medical documentation.

“On the opening night of the January Realization Shop, while the students awaited the arrival of our Master Teacher, in the Emergency Room I awaited the results from the second set of blood tests, which proved as positive as the first: lymphocytic leukemia.

Runners arrived to reassure me that all would be well:
a friend was my triage nurse;
I was placed in Room 33;
the woman who came for my vitals was wearing a 5-pointed gold star with a blue dot in its center;
my ER physician arrived with a blue star on her stethoscope.

As the word went out, friends began to send to focus on my well-being. The wave of their loving focus was enduring, powerful, and unlike anything I had ever experienced. I felt like Jimmy Stewart’s
character must have felt at the end of “It’s A Wonderful Life” with all of that love flowing to him.

I understood that this was my Kobiashimaru, the test undertaken by potential Star Fleet captains in Star Trek (STAR TREK and related marks are trademarks of CBS Studios Inc.). I was going to have to rewrite the program if I was going to pass the test, and I had certainly been taught how to do that at RSE!

So when the students began their Great Work of focusing on their casino and lotto numbers, my focus began on another set of numbers: all of the different components of my blood. Having been told I would not be allowed to leave the hospital until my platelets were at 30K, I immediately made a card, hung it where I could see it, and began to focus. Accompanied by my IV, I did my Neighborhood Walk® around the hospital, putting up my hand to self-correct whenever doubt, my past, or my back story came up.

I received a transfusion of platelets, and a drug treatment. The following Friday, I was discharged. My platelets were at 32K; my first level had been reached. I remade my card.

Dear friends came to visit me and brought a priceless gift: one of Ramtha’s hair ties, which I wore in my hair every night. Another friend suggested I wear it 24/7.

I continued to make cards and focus as my numbers improved with each successive treatment and blood test. I used many of the disciplines:
Create Your Day®, candle focus, C&E® -Consciousness & Energy®, Blue Body®, Neighborhood Walk® and
self-corrected, self-corrected, self-corrected.

My last treatment was scheduled for Friday, the start of the Advanced Retreat in Late February. The nurses attempted to get the needle in my arm 4 times, to no avail. They said I’d have to come back Monday; I said “no way”. They had to get permission to continue. The 7th attempt proved successful.
With the treatment completed, I flew out the door to make the gate by 7pm and for Ram’s teachings.

On Saturday, the unthinkable happened – I lost Ram’s hair tie! I searched my vehicle, my seat in the Great Hall, and my pallet. It was nowhere and not to be found. It was all I could do to keep from berating myself for losing such a precious gift. I closed my eyes and called it back to me from the Lord God of my Being, and then let it go.

By Monday night, I was having my first break-through: it finally was completely quiet in my mind. My walks became ecstatic excursions of joy; I felt like I was coming out of my skin. I fell in love with candle focus with the realization that I had never sat still previously because I had not been still in my mind!

C&E® became a rocket-launcher: powerful breathing, the body bathed in running water from the frequencies running through it – marvelous! Every day, every discipline took me deeper and deeper into Mysterious One and the love of my God!

Thursday night when we returned from the casino, I started sharing with my partner, only to stare down at her space – there was Ramtha’s hair tie! She smiled, knowing that I had “lost” it. My neighbor behind me said she had seen it on my pillow, and was that what I had been looking for? My partner
reminded me that Ram had said at the beginning of the Retreat that “things would appear and disappear. Don’t be alarmed, it’s just me.”

That night in contemplation, I realized that he had made it disappear so that my image could not use it as a crutch. It confirmed what I already knew: that I was healed and perfect. I knew that when I had my next blood test, all of my numbers would be normal.

And so they were on the Friday after the Retreat and again this past Friday, April 19. My doctor looked at the lab reports, and said, “Congratulations – Victoria!
Your blood tests are completely normal.”

Thank you, JZ, for it is indeed “licked”!

Please allow me to add my voice to the legions who have gone before me, for thanking you, JZ. Without you, none of this would have been possible: no Ramtha (shudder), no teachings, no dream to become reality, no healing.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart! I bless you and Ram into forever!”

Victoria Blazejewski

Before & After documentation available on request at [email protected].

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