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Venezuelan band leader Leo Vivi impacts music world

Lyricist and RSE student Leo Vivi with his wife Andrea Rivera

Introducing Venezuelan student and RSE’s South America events technician Leonardo (Leo) Vivi, who said, “These lyrics that I personally wrote are deeply influenced by my experience and learning with Ramtha and at Ramtha’s School of Enlightenment.”

From his band’s No More Jekyll website:
“No More Jekyll is a Rock band from Valencia, Venezuela influenced by years of listening to every single kind of music that can be called rock music. Founding members, guitarrist Luis Enrique Esquivel and vocalist Leonardo Vivi have been playing together for some 15 years covering styles from Heavy Metal, Nu Metal (called Rap n’ core back in the days when bands like Korn, Deftones and Limp Bizkit were starting) Progressive Metal, and finally some sort of heavy Hard Rock. They started this last band with several previous names but ended up with No More Jekyll after maybe two years of personnel rotation and musical development.
Current band members include Samuel Rodriguez on bass guitar and Ronnie Nunes on drums.
No More Jekyll as it’s name suggests, is about freedom and breaking boundaries, with uncompromising lyrical composition and sound (which, in a strange way, may be the most mainstream music we’ve ever played!)
We hope you enjoy the music and will be very grateful if you support us in any way.”

Leonardo Vivi – Vocals
Luis Enrique Esquivel – Guitars
Samuel Rodríguez – Bass
Ronnie Nunes – Drums
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Click here for the “No More Jekyll” website.

Awesome lyrics from No More Jekyll’s “Why We Fight” Album:
Repeat a lie a thousand times and you’ll believe it,
but it’s still a lie
I know that you’re brave but when you stand and fight,
make sure you fight for what you stand

How can you see the stars
if you don’t step out in the dark
How can you see the truth
if looking through the blind man’s eyes

Where is the end, we’ve tried to remember, we’ve tried so hard
Where is the end, we’ve tried to remember, how we forgot where we begun

So walk the path with a righteous heart and let what’s meaningful reveal itself
History may be just a story; I rather have my honor than their power and glory

Tried to remember…
we’ve tried so hard
try to remember,
how we forgot where we begun

Click here for the video.

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