“Reported meteor lights up East Coast” –
Ramtha’s prediction of “signs in the sky”

“In this image taken from video, a bright flash of light, top center,
streaks across the evening sky in what experts say was almost certainly
a meteor coming down Friday [March 22, 2013] in Seaford, Del”
Photo: Hopkins Automotive Group/AP

– “Reported meteor lights up East Coast — and social media”
“The streaking ball of fire Friday night above the East Coast did not, for now at least, signal the end to civilization as we know it.

Though you might get that sense from social media.

The sky lit up along the U.S. eastern seaboard with reports of “a thin streak of blue-greenish-white”

“+ The FAA says it’s fielded calls about meteor sightings from Virginia to Maine
+ NORAD says it’s heard the reports and can confirm it’s not a man-made object
+ The night light show spurs a flurry of activity on social media,” quoting Chandler Friedman and Greg Botelho, CNN
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– “Meteor sightings reported from Florida to Massachusetts”
“A possible meteor has been spotted streaking through the sky over the East Coast, The American Meteor Society and Twitter users are reporting” quoting Melanie Eversley in USA Today.
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Click here for videos that caught the “meteor” on tape, from the Washington Post.

Click here for video on NBC News.

– “FIREBALL Stuns East Coast”
Click here for more, from The Weather Channel.

– UPDATE: April 23, 2013
“Meteor briefly turns night to day in Argentina”
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– UPDATE: September 27, 2013
“Fireball captured by police camera as it streaks across northern Alberta”
From the Calgary (AB) Sun.
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– Ramtha on “signs in the sky” and “silent explosions”
“A lot of marvels are coming. And there will be wild craft. There will be signs in the sky. There will be spirals out of nowhere. There will be lights that dash across the horizon. There will be silent, silent explosions. And everyone will be told it is a meteor shower. It is the best damn meteor shower I have ever seen and, by the way, the most elliptical I have ever seen.
Things will fall to Earth in an ocean, terrifying sailors and mariners who will see, from the surface, debris and shocking monsters. And the moon will light up in an unearthly, ghostly hue and it will frighten lovers on lovers’ lane. Shadows will pass across the Earth, and suddenly in one great moment the Void will light up 360 degrees. The great ones have come.”

– Ramtha
Opus of the Ram
September 3, 2011
Yelm, WA
Excerpt — “Signs in the Sky”

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