Experts: “Arctic change reverberates around globe” –
Ramtha on this subject years ago

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– “Scientists link frozen spring to dramatic Arctic sea ice loss”
“Melting sea ice, exposing huge parts of the ocean to the atmosphere, explains extreme weather both hot and cold”

“Climate scientists have linked the massive snowstorms and bitter spring weather now being experienced across Britain and large parts of Europe and North America to the dramatic loss of Arctic sea ice.

Both the extent and the volume of the sea ice that forms and melts each year in the Arctic Ocean fell to an historic low last autumn, and satellite records published on Monday by the National Snow and Ice Data Centre (NSIDC) in Boulder, Colorado, show the ice extent is close to the minimum recorded for this time of year,” quoting John Vidal in UK’s Guardian.
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– “Arctic change reverberates around globe, experts say”
“Most of the sea ice that forms each fall and winter in the Arctic now melts each spring and summer, a recent change that is impacting global patterns of weather and trade as well as the U.S. military’s strategic planning, experts told reporters during a briefing Tuesday [March 26].

“There are tremendous two-way and multiple interactions between the Arctic and the rest of the world,” retired Rear Adm. David Titley said during the teleconference organized by Climate Nexus, a group trying to raise awareness about climate change,” quoting John Roach, Contributing Writer, NBC News.
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– “Produce picked from the tundra: Welcome to climate change in Greenland”
“On the Arctic Circle, a chef is growing the kind of vegetables and herbs – potatoes, thyme, tomatoes, green peppers – more fitting for a suburban garden in a temperate zone than a land of Northern Lights, glaciers and musk oxen.

Some Inuit hunters are finding reindeer fatter than ever thanks to more grazing on this frozen tundra, and for some, there is no longer a need to trek hours to find wild herbs.

Welcome to climate change in Greenland, where locals say longer and warmer summers mean the country can grow the kind of crops unheard of years ago,” quoting Alistair Scrutton, Reuters.
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– “Scientist predicts earth is heading for another Ice Age”
“AS Arctic Britain prepares to shiver for at least another month, a leading scientist today [March 29] predicted the world was heading for another Ice Age,” quoting Giles Sheldrick in UK’s Express.
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– Ramtha on the effects of Greenland’s glaciers rapid melt on America
– [September, 2010] …”scientists make this breakthrough explanation that the current belt that brings that warm water up to the Far North of Europe and to the Atlantic seaboard is less now than half of its ability.
More cold water from the melting of Greenland is sloughing off in the North Sea, and the winds from the North that are cooling down everything could stop this current conveyor belt. And do you know what happens when it stops? You have winter in the most severe ways. That is already under way.
To all of Europe — including right down to the ankle of Italy — an ice is coming, a warning is coming. That nasty little environment will start to show itself only slightly this winter [2010-2011], so look for strange ice storms in Europe and the American north, and even look for them around the equator.

– Ramtha, Afternoon Live Stream from Yelm
October 9, 2010

– “Now your world is in trouble. Your icecaps are melting. The North Pole’s icecaps are melting and when all that cold water enters Greenland in the upper Atlantic, the flow of warm water will cease in Atlatia and in a short time you are going to have catastrophic conditions in the world.”
– Ramtha
November 20, 2006.
Excerpt from: Ramtha in Mexico

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