“About The Great Work: Reflections from Kenny Thompson” –
AKA Master of Cards

Kenny Thompson

“My story has already been told many times, as all of you know. This mastery was a magical time in my life. I have been asked frequently by students in the school about how I have been progressing lately and have kept silent for some years now. This was due to my own desire to master my emotions and myself in this lifetime. What I will share now cannot be demonstrated on stage, it is however a new realm of fascination.

After the Blue College event where the Cards had their extreme trial, I returned home with a real sense of failure. I had handled the situation poorly. What transpired after that though, was beyond anything I expected. When I fell asleep that evening, I was sweating from the forehead and I heard a voice. It was the Ram, as he sounds when in JZ Knight’s body. He stood behind me and held me in a stationary position, I could not see anything in front of me. He turned me and for a brief moment I saw an elevator with an old steel grate door. We got inside, my vision turned dark, and we started to descend. The elevator stopped, we got out, and my vision became clear. In the distance there was a scene of my life playing out when I was younger. After seeing this, we got back in the elevator, and started to descend again. The elevator did not stop this time, it disappeared. Ram let go of me.

There was a door that I needed to go through. Once through, I could see everything. It was a magical elsewhere, with a beautiful night sky, stone columns that made a courtyard, and stone pathways surrounding a pool of water. He took hold of me again, threw me in the water and held me down. What I saw was another race of beings that made up the fabric of the pool. The only word I could muster was ‘Wow.’ He laughed and brought me above the water. There I met a small Englishman with a very big nose. He said to me ‘We are all trying to create something new up here.’ That put me immediately at ease. I looked to my left and atop a flat stone was a tiny fairy that flew off as soon as I looked. Ramtha, who was still holding me, passed me to the English gentleman who also held me stationary. In that moment my gaze was directed off into the distance where two floating beings were coming toward me. One of them was the Ram for sure, the other I did not know.

In the next instant Ram showed his true self to me. He was a very large muscular black male with beautiful, long black hair. Wide eyed with a sharp and determined nose. He showed me a close up of his skin – there were strands of purple light all over his skin. They were thin strands but with an immense glow when looking at him as a whole. Then I heard the voice. He spoke and it did not sound like JZ at all. Very deep and powerful. He looked at me and asked ‘Who be?’ The small god behind me answered. They left me with the name of who I was in a previous life. A life that was not owned and has plagued me through the ages.

Since that time, my daily discipline of choice has been Twilight® to engage these remarkable out of body experiences and lucid dreams. For a very long time I thought the Ram was pulling me out of my body every night, until he clarified with me three months ago that I go and find him. What we are attempting to do is bring a greater reality into this physical now.

Christmas of 2011, sitting with my wife by door 3 he turned and acknowledged us. Then he turned to me and said ‘You now know who I am.’ I have not shared this story with anyone but the people closest to me. I would like to share it now, if only for hope and inspiration. There are masters here, friends of the Ram that are helping all of us. Since that time, and to this day I hear this call in my right ear. It sounds like people doing C&E® off in the distance, and I hear it all the time.

It makes me happy to share this with all of you.”

See you all soon,

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– UPDATE: March 5, 2015
“Where does one go to find the god within? What does one need to do?
Where lies the truth?
Should you disappear from life retreat back into
Yourself in a safe dark place and change the very core of your being? Yes I did that for seven
Years. It’s a beautiful experience . Does it resolve everthing? No it does not.there is still
Life to be lived and phenomenon to be expressed openly. Above and beyond the
Limited minds of others. What happens when so much time and energy goes into consciousness about discovering yourself? The true you? The god within?
You become the work. It doesn’t leave you
After a morning focus session.
It’s ever present it’s all about you all the time.
It becomes a state of who you are.
I was told to write a book and mabey this is it.
I don’t need to describe in 350 pages of dribble
What I know 100% fact.
Does god exist inside of you? Yes
Are you the creator of your life? Yes
Can you change the way you think? Yes
Do you exist beyond this life? Yes
Is phenomenon possible? Yes
Can you change the very fabric of what holds
Life together and make into what you want? Yes
What grants you the power to do such things?
Yourself and proving to yourself over and over and over and again

It is what it is”

– UPDATE: May 2015

Kenny Thompson’s marks on his body

Kenny shares his experiences of alien contact
“To begin with, I went on vacation recently and took some photos during that vacation. I got inspired to tell my personal story of alien contact in my life thus far.
The first experience that I remember of alien contact happened the summer of 2011 while doing a focus session and then afterwards laying down for a twilight session. I had what seemed to me like a lucid dream experience and was taken by an alien presence and then worked on, like uh, like doctored up. . . .you know what I mean?

What happened was, I got hooked up to a machine and the beings were shadowed. That means that I couldn’t see them. But when I came out of what felt like a dreaming state, there were actual marks on my body, physical marks, that looked very simple, just 3 dots that formed a triangle. And so that led me to contemplate that it was more than just a lucid dream that I had that day.

Over these past several years, I’ve had the same experience, where I am taken in a craft and I’m given certain physical treatments and once again every time I have these markings on my physical body when I come out of these experiences. In the past 6 months, these experiences have stepped up a little bit to where they’re happening more frequently. I would say for me, the really cool thing about all of this now is that these beings don’t have to shadow themselves anymore, and I get to hear what language they speak – not that I understand it though, because I don’t. But I have never felt, especially from my last experience, I’ve never felt so cared about, I can almost say almost ever in my life. I was treated with such compassion and such caring that coming out of this experience, I was truly amazed. I felt completely loved and I don’t even know how to put it. . . .like people really, really truly wanted to look after me and help me. I could feel it. It was amazing.

There’s more to the story, stay tuned.”
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UFO follows Kenny Thompson’s aircraft

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“Eye in the sky”

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