On eve of Vice Presidential Debate –
A reminder that JZ Knight predicted Biden to be VP in 2007, when no one else did

Vice President Joe Biden

With the upcoming Vice President debate, new students since 2008 may be unaware of JZ Knight’s exact Remote-View “successfully predicted the Democratic Presidential ticket on The Dave Ross Show on KIRO-AM Radio [then the largest radio listening audience in the Pacific Northwest] on September 28, 2007, well ahead of political pundits and the mainstream media.”

“Knight…successfully predicted that ‘Hillary Clinton will win and Joe Biden will probably be her vice-president.’ Knight further qualified her statement on The Dave Ross Show by stating that although Hillary Clinton would win the nomination, she would not be the nominee.

When queried by host Dave Ross, ‘If you say that Hillary is going to get the nomination and the Democrats will win the election, therefore by the mathematical principle of something, substitution, Hillary is the next president,’ Knight responded that ‘there are some problems ahead, so we will see how that works out.’

While brilliantly naming Biden, JZ Knight was also technically correct about Clinton, who won the popular vote yet lost the delegate count to Barack Obama.

Host Dave Ross seemed impressed by Knight’s prophecy according to show transcripts stating, ‘I mean, Hillary, probably obvious but Joe Biden, not exactly the obvious choice for vice-president.’

In addition to her successful predictions about the Democratic Presidential ticket, Knight also predicted on The Dave Ross Show in September of 2007 that the Democrats would win the general election in November of 2008.”
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