Ramtha’s 2007 plastics teaching apropos today

– “Seabirds study: 90 percent swallowed plastic”
“Plastic found in the stomachs of dead seabirds suggests the Pacific Ocean off the northwest coast of North America is more polluted than was realized.

The birds, called northern fulmars, feed exclusively at sea. Plastic remains in their stomachs for long periods. Researchers have for several decades examined stomach contents of fulmars, and in new study they tallied the plastic products in dead fulmars that had washed up on the coasts of Washington, Oregon and British Columbia, Canada.”

“‘Like the canary in the coal mine, northern fulmars are sentinels of plastic pollution in our oceans,’ said Stephanie Avery-Gomm, the study’s lead author and a graduate student in University of British Columbia’s Department of Zoology. ‘Their stomach content provides a ‘snapshot’ sample of plastic pollution from a large area of the northern Pacific Ocean,'” quoting Live Science.
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– Ramtha on the greater “consequences” of plastic pollution
“The Earth has turned on you. It has turned on you because you have sucked its blood out of its veins, its oil. You have dug up its metals and you have poisoned the mountains and the stream and the trout and the flower and the water necessary for all life. You have thrown your trash into the sea. You have made products convenient for you without understanding its consequences because you don’t want to wash pottery. Pottery is biodegradable; a plastic cup isn’t. Long ago a child’s loincloth was woven from reeds, beautiful linen, that could be broken down simply, but not today. It is made with dangerous gases and plastics that will never break down. How many children were born to six and a half billion people? How many of them were not put into linens, whose waste the Earth can only tolerate by putting it in its fires to destroy it? Now its creatures are sick.”
– Ramtha
“Change – The Days That Are Here”
April 14, 2007
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