“British scientists reveal plants really do talk” –
Ramtha on this subject decades ago!

– “Maybe Charles was right after all: British scientists reveal plants really do talk”
“He was mocked for conversing with crocuses and the like, but Prince Charles may have been on to something.

New research suggests plants not only respond to sound but communicate with each other with ‘clicking’ noises.”

“Scientists at Bristol University used powerful loudspeakers to listen to corn saplings – and heard clicking sounds coming from their roots.”

“Dr Gagliano said the research ‘opens up a new debate on the perception and action of people towards plants’ which are not objects but should perhaps be treated as ‘living beings in their own right.’”

“The study is published in the journal Trends in Plant Science,” quoting Tamara Cohen in UK’s Daily Mail.
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– Ramtha has discussed for decades that plants have consciousness. His testaments on this from the late 1980s were collected and published in the Fireside Series:
“There are so many reasons why you are limited people and haven’t grown. You think that a healthy diet and religion are about eating birdseed and being a vegetarian. I want to show you how ignorant you are. Any person who doesn’t eat meat is a hypocrite because even a turnip has blood, a carrot has blood, a tomato has blood. It has guts. The flour that makes bread which you eat is robbing the next generation of growth.”

“What is not God? What is not intent?”

“Is the act of eating a loaf of bread destruction? Yes, it is. How ignorant you are to say that the color of blood in animals should deny the carrot consciousness because its blood is orange. The only way you could ever live this belief righteously is to never eat, never drink, never wear anything, or grow anything. If you can do that, you have lived the doctrine.”

“Now I ask you, does a carrot have consciousness? It does. It is alive. Does an animal have consciousness? Just because you don’t have pet carrots that run around waiting to be watered and fed every day and don’t nuzzle up to you watching the TV doesn’t dismiss their ability to know. But you don’t see it that way. Here is where we start to really look at ignorance. You are ignorant, but that is nothing to be ashamed of. It is to say, ‘I see now. God to me is all that is and is not. God to me is the potential of all who have lived before me and those who will live after me, including amoebas, viruses, and bacteria, because they are creating mind, which belongs to God. They are all the mind of God.”'”
– Ramtha
Excerpt adapted from: Fireside Series, Vol. 3, No. 1, When Fairy Tales Do Come True.
JZK Publishing, 2003.
Read more from the excerpt published in SuperConsciousness Magazine.

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