The trend of replacing grass with something edible –
Ramtha in 1986 about lawns: “Dig it up and plant food!”

In 1986, Ramtha spoke of the value of tearing up one’s lawn and using that land to plant a home garden.
His advice then was far-sighted.

– “Tired of mowing your lawn? Try foodscaping it instead”
“When the economy began its steep decline in 2008, almost everything related to housing hit the skids, including the lawn and garden industry. But one sector escaped the pinch: food gardening.

In fact, food gardening sales nationwide have spiked 20 percent since then, and they’ve stayed there. While many households started growing food to be more budget-conscious, some are deciding vegetables and fruits can be beautiful, too.

In the extreme, edible landscaping or foodscaping can even mean replacing grass with something edible. For Jeremy Lekich of Nashville Foodscapes, the world is already his salad bar,” quoting Blake Farmer on Nashville Public Radio.
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UPDATE: November 13, 2012
“City of Orlando allows man to keep front yard vegetable garden”
“City looks to change codes after man petitions for garden”
From Kristin Giannas, Reporter, WKMG, TV 6, Orlando.
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The long sight of our Master Teacher, Ramtha
“One should not live in the cities. One should not live in the cities, for in the days to come not only are the plagues to run rampant, and not only shall it be in their water system, but when that which is called a drought comes forth, there will be murderers on the street who will rob your cupboards and slay you nigh for only a sliver of bread, for they are dangerous places indeed. So if you cannot move to the western sphere, it is imperative, I urge you, to move out of your cities and seek you a place that has high land. And if the land is only large enough to support an elaborate lawn and flowers, dig it up and plant food.”

– Ramtha
May 1986

(Excerpt from: Change — The Days to Come, May 17-18, 1986. Ramtha Dialogues®. Copyright © 2005 JZ Knight)

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