Electron discovered 120 years ago –
Ramtha on the electron’s significance

– “Electron: Hendrik Lorentz’ Elementary Particle Paper Turns 120”
“Electrons rule our world, but not so long ago they were only an idea. This month marks the 120th anniversary of a profound and influential creation, the electron theory of Dutch physicist Hendrik Antoon Lorentz. His electron was not merely a hypothesized elementary particle; it was the linchpin of an ambitious theory of nature. Today physicists are accustomed to the notion that a complete description of nature can rise out of simple, beautiful equations, yet prior to Lorentz that was a mystic vision,” quoting By Frank Wilcze in Scientific American.
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– UPDATE: October 28, 2014
“Can the wave function of an electron be divided and trapped?”
“Electrons are elementary particles — indivisible, unbreakable. But new research suggests the electron’s quantum state — the electron wave function — can be separated into many parts. That has some strange implications for the theory of quantum mechanics,” from Brown University in Science Daily.
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– Ramtha on the electron’s significance
“Your electrons are frozen into place by simply vibrating according to what was, rather than the free will of options, probabilities, and potentials. Whatever occurs in a humble particle in the very small is seen in the very large. If the Observers in science continue to observe the old ways of thinking and they approach an experiment expecting it to be as it always was, they will never be disappointed because it will always be that way.
It is the same with you because you are the Observer in your head, indeed you are the scientist. If you approach every single day expecting it to be like every other day, then you are held under the law of predetermination. Essentially, growth does not exist for you because you, the Observer, are the lawmaker and what think you in front of your God is law.
So if one expects every day in one’s life to be the same without modification, then your life is predetermined from the lens of the past.”

– Ramtha
APRIL 14, 2007
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