Student Accomplishments: Lina Seidman, “My Journey” – An NDE

RSE student Lina Seidman has been a student with Ramtha since 2005, is 72 years young and penned this report of her near-death experience (NDE), in her own words.


On the morning of February 4th I awoke to some foreboding. My hands were trembling, indicating a recurring health issue that wanted to come forth. I declared NO to it;.
My day progressed. After dinner around 9pm, I was sitting down and I realized that my heart had just gone into Arterial Fibrillation. Having previously experienced this, I sat still for a few minutes, thinking it would stop, just go away. It did not go away. Knowing what the next possibility would be, I called 911 and arranged for EMS to come. Once in the ambulance, I was whisked off on an all too familiar journey to St Peter’s Hospital [in Olympia, WA.]. I was calm at this point as I know the process of the ride to the hospital, questions, etc.

Drugs were administered in the emergency room, but the heart was still beating out of sync. The decision was made that I was to spend the night for observation. I was then sent up to the Acute Cardio Floor – being poked, prodded and hooked up to IV drips – the usual routine for this type of episode.

The next morning, I used a discipline from RSE I learned called Create Your Day®’ big time! By early afternoon, the IV drip was removed and I only had the wireless heart monitor around my neck. Freed from the hospital paraphernalia, I asked if I could go for a walk and was given the go ahead.

I started my Neighborhood Walk® but something wasn’t right – my attitude! Same old, Same old! I told myself I had to go way out there and change – be wildly creative. I started walking, creating a torsion field of Blue Healing Love around me. As I walked forward, it surrounded me and I saw my attitude change – I was becoming light-hearted. I walked “I am a torsion field [Torsion Process®] of Blue Healing Love [Blue Body®]. I have always been a torsion field of Blue Healing Love.” It was so fabulous, little torsions fields were spinning off from the greater torsion field and entering my body.

I walked four rounds, finding myself so happy I was marching. The nurse came out saying “What are you doing? Your heart rate just went up.” I was duly reprimanded and sent to my room. Resting, I contemplated the experience and focused on the present. Looking out the window I could see the Olympic Mountains and the sky. The energy of the experience was flowing quietly around me.

Some friends stop by and we chatted. We talked about opening up to all possibilities as I had previously been closed to a surgical option. I told them I would at least entertain all possibilities and research the pros and cons of the procedure.

I am not sure how long after they left, maybe an hour, but I suddenly became aware that I was being enveloped in a white light that was transparent. I could see the room but it was of no consequence. I observed I was getting smaller, I thought perhaps like a proton. There was a different kind of energy in this light, neutral and safe. I suddenly began to feel the sensation of sliding down and I thought “Oh, I am going….” and the movement stopped, the light faded and I was sitting in the resonance of the event.

I thought, maybe I should call the nurse when four (4) nurses came piling into the room. I said “What just happened?” They were looking at stuff and appear to be ignoring me. I said “NO, Tell me what happened!” A nurse said “ Your blood pressure just dropped low.” Then a voice came floating down the hall from the nurse’s station saying “She’s in SYNC!” My heart went back into a normal rhythm. I felt a Big Smile come over my face and I knew my body had self-corrected.

The next morning I learned from the Doctor that I had flat-lined for 6 seconds.

I had just gone through a Near Death Experience and had a healing.

What have I learned from this? Changing your attitude is everything.
Being open to all possibilities is everything. Now everything is different, everything has changed.

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