Obama pledges responsible natural gas production –
Introducing the docudrama: Gasland

– “U.S. to require disclosure of fracking fluids on public land”
“President Barack Obama pledged in the State of the Union address last week that the government would develop a road map for responsible natural gas production and roll out new rules to ensure drillers protect the environment.

Companies would be required to disclose the “complete chemical makeup of all materials used” in fracking fluids under the Interior Department’s draft rules, a copy of which was obtained by Reuters.
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– About Hydraulic Fracturing
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– Introducing the docudrama Gasland:
“Nominated for a 2011 Oscar® for Best Documentary Feature.
Filmmaker Josh Fox grew up in the verdant woods of the Delaware River valley. In 2009, he learned his land was on top of the Marcellus Shale—a giant reservoir of natural gas that stretches across the Appalachians—and that he would be paid to lease his land for natural gas extraction.

Part mystery, part travelogue, and part banjo showdown, GASLAND documents Josh’s cross-country odyssey to find out if the controversial process of hydraulic fracturing—or fracking—is actually safe. As he interviews people who live on or around current fracking sites, Josh learns of things gone horribly wrong, from illness to hair loss to flammable water, and his inquiries lead him ever deeper into a web of secrets, lies, conspiracy, and contamination.

Unearthing a shocking story about a practice that is understudied and inadequately regulated, GASLAND races to find answers about fracking before it’s far too late.

IS “FRACKING” SAFE? Learn about Fracking, Get News and Take Action at gaslandthemovie.”
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– Earthquakes may be linked to fracking
“Fracking May Have Caused 50 Earthquakes in Oklahoma”
Read more from Brian Merchant, Treehugger.

“Fracking Firm Admits It Caused Earthquakes in England”
Read more from Alex Davies, Treehugger.

“Ohio Earthquake Likely Caused by Fracking Wastewater”
“Injecting wastewater deep underground is the prime suspect, potentially widening earthquake worries linked to hydraulic fracturing”
Read more in Scientific American by Mark Fischetti.

UPDATE: February 13, 2012:
RSE student Kevin Niemi has been very active on the Fracking issue in Alberta, Canada, where he resides. Kevin states:
“I’ve made it a mission of mine to follow this subject, amongst many others, to protect the earth’s environment, my land rights (as I am a grain farmer), etc. and the school has been SO complementary in learning and manifesting a lot of self empowering outcomes.”
Read more from his Press Release.

UPDATE: July 2, 2012
“Gasland Director Josh Fox on His New Film, Gas Industry Lies and Government Collusion”
By Christine Shearer in Truthout.
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