“When Disaster Strikes, You Could Be on Your Own”
Ramtha: Being Prepared for Change

– “When Disaster Strikes, You Could Be on Your Own”
“But here’s what some experts are warning: Don’t bet your life on first responders.

Recent disasters such as the earthquake in Haiti, Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans and the oil platform blowout in the Gulf of Mexico have provided ample evidence that deploying resources for a widespread disaster is agonizingly slow, despite the best intentions of government. In fact, there are scenarios in which government may be incapable of responding for an extended period of time.

For this reason, emergency preparedness is moving in a new direction, one that seeks to ensure self-sufficiency for days, maybe weeks after a catastrophic event. The underlying assumption is that survival will rely on a grassroots effort from neighborhood organizations, businesses and legions of volunteers, most of whom currently have neither the training nor the resources to cope with disaster.”
Read more from California’s Community Outreach Promoting Emergency Preparedness, COPE Preparedness.

Always be prepared wherever you are and have an exit plan –
– UPDATE: September 18, 2014
“Watch Hurricane Odile Slam Hotel”
“Storm Chaser Josh Morgerman was inside a hotel in Cabo when Hurrican Odile tore into the hotel.”
By The Weather Channel.
Click here for the video.

– UPDATE: September 18, 2014
“Alaska Airlines begins relief flights in Mexico”
30,000 stranded tourists to be airlifted out.
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– UPDATE: September 20, 2014
“Kirkland [WA]couple ‘went from paradise to hell’ in hurricane”
Alison Morrow, KING 5 News, Seattle.
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Ramtha: Being Prepared for Change
“The important issue of preparedness I taught many years ago is that I asked for all of the people who would listen to put up food and to become sovereign and to have lots of water but to have it out of the ground, and to put up food for all of those concerned in your life, and to be sovereign — utterly sovereign — to save your clothing and to put it up, and to work towards a point that regardless of what would happen with the world you could continue to sustain yourself. Now that is not a new teaching. That happened many years ago in your time. But it is still important because the times that I spoke about are already here and are unfolding.”

— Ramtha
September, 1993
(Excerpt from: Taking the Journey Inward, September 16, 1993. Ramtha Dialogues®, Tape 9322 ed.)

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