African continental plates pulling apart makes news –
Ramtha on this subject a year ago

“Geologists Map Birth Of New Ocean”

“A giant underground reservoir of molten rock has been discovered under the deserts of Ethiopia by British geologists, The (London) Sunday Times reported.

They targeted the Afar region in the Horn of Africa after a recent surge in volcanic activity and earthquakes plus the appearance of giant cracks in the rocky surface. Tectonic plates in the area are pulling apart and gradually creating a new ocean.”

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“Geologists Map Birth Of New Ocean”
“…British geologists. They targeted the Afar region in the Horn of Africa after a recent…cubic kilometres of molten rock under Afar — enough to cover all of London within…tongue of lava spread 40 miles under Afar in 10 days and solidified, and many…”

Read more from UK’s Sunday Times, by Jonathan Leake.

Ramtha spoke of the split of the African Continent over a year ago

“South Africa is a holy land because a great Goddess came, a great scientist, who took part in creating the animals of the Earth from old genetic patterns, a virtual massive continent of wild things. Beautiful. That continent will be split in two, but here is what I want to tell you. What will be protected are the wild things. To live where the wild things are is to live in a protected place. When the animals of Africa go beyond their fences and they are running to their mountains, you will know that they know because they are being called.
Here you live where wild things are in a very original, incredible, geological place. Think about where you came from, hardly any wild things, only the cities. Cities are going to go down. That is why you shouldn’t be around them. Where the wild things are, this preservation effort is in the name of the Goddess who created them.”

– Ramtha,
Evening with Ramtha, Critical Times – Part I
August 23, 2010

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