Student Accomplishments:
Jean Isaacs inspries children with her puppets as Molly Piper

Yelm’s treasure, Molly Piper

Jean Isaacs has been delighting children of all ages in Yelm and Rainier with her unique
puppet theater, garnering multiple write-ups in the local newspaper after her performances in the local libraries, schools and public shows.

From Acorn & Rose Puppet Theater:
“Acorn & Rose Puppet Theater is the love-child for children’s author Molly Piper. Having written, designed and illustrated several books, conducted young author programs for more than 75,000 children, teenagers, teachers and parents, Molly found that it was time to expand the adventure. The “new day” began with a grant for teaching puppetry to a small group of fifth and sixth graders.”

“The excitement and joy of this workshop resulted in wonderful puppets, exuberant little performances, and surprised audiences of families, friends, and fellow students.”

“Teaching and performing a live theater art seems to be the natural culmination of many years as artist, writer, teacher, story teller, carpenter, sculptor, mother and friend.”

Read more about Jean Isaacs.

– UPDATE: August 5, 2014
Molly Piper and her puppets continue inspiring children in our area with a Yelm Timberland Library show.
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