Ramtha’s map of potential world changes

At the September, 2011 All Group Follow-up, Ramtha emphasized high places in the areas surrounding his Campaigns and selected World Tour venues.
The locations are in high places near
– Guadalajara, Mexico
– Medellin, Colombia
– Cordoba, Argentina
– Spinello, Italy
– Ourense (Galicia), Spain
– Quillan, France
– Broederstroom, South Africa
– Bathurst, NSW, Australia
– Taiwan
– South Korea

The map was only intended as a guide.

Ramtha has always said to be:
1) away from coastlines, rivers, large bodies of water
2) on high ground 300 to 400 feet above sea level if away from water and/or in the Yelm area and at least 1,000 feet above sea level if one is near water or a coastline.
3) away from volcanoes, major fault lines
4) safe distances away from and NOT downwind of, nuclear facilities.
Click here for the map.

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