Green Fireball sighted over Southwest –
Ramtha explained these many times

On Wednesday evening September 14, 2011, “The California Highway Patrol says it has received reports of a fast-moving green flashes of light from Riverside, Palm Springs, Indio
and the Salton Sea.
People in Phoenix, Yuma and Las Vegas also reported seeing the flashes,” quoting KTLA, TV 5 in Los Angeles.

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Ramtha has spoken many times over the last two decades about the Green Fireballs:
“All of the green fireballs you are going to see — and everyone is going to start reporting them — those green fireballs are cleaning up radioactivity in the air. We are just vacuuming the air. That is all we are doing. That is coming.”
– Ramtha, Emergency Pacific Rim, Yelm Primary Retreat
March 31, 2011

“What I told you briefly about those green fireballs — that actually was last century — when I first came in I had green fireballs going everywhere, cleaning up all this trash. Even I didn’t like coming in here, and I am not even affected by the atmosphere. They are vacuum cleaners. They are not alien ships but they are part of a great civilization. When they move faster than you can imagine, they are folding space/time. At the same time in that green light they are neutralizing things in the atmosphere, so in a moment they can neutralize half of the United States, its atmosphere.
You are going to see some strange activity that may not be reported by the media. There is only so much conspiracy theory you can handle. But we will do it anyway. And I will make sure that you get to see one. They are quite dazzling actually. So be it.”

– Ramtha, Yelm Primary Retreat
April 2, 2011

“Since the turning of your century [1900] and up until recently, a consortium in the ethers of entities you would not recognize was regularly making explosions that would occur in your stratosphere. They were brilliant green fireballs, and some of you have seen them. Where did they come from and why were they there? For a while nobody understood the enigma of these things and their purpose. Endeavoring to salvage this environment, some of your brethren who live in other stars and dimensions exploded these green fireballs in your stratosphere to help neutralize the erosion effects of the stratum. These explosions were quite common. They have ceased for a while now because it was interference. You have to wake up and indeed become aware of your kingdom.”
– Ramtha,
Last Waltz of the Tyrants, The Prophecy Revisited. 2009.
Read more of the quote from page 74.

“Professor Lincoln LaPaz, a reputable meteor expert of the University of New Mexico, announced that there was something very off indeed about a series of eight bright green fireballs seen over the Southwest in a 13-day period. Meteors are seldom green, said LaPaz, and big ones seldom pass in close sequence over the same place,” reported an article entitled “More Saucers” in Time Magazine, March 3, 1952,” quoting the book’s footnote.

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