Ramtha: Sunspots could wreak havoc –
Are you prepared?

“As Sun Storms Ramp Up, Electric Grid Braces for Impact”
Read more from Victoria Jaggard for National Geographic News,
Published August 3, 2011

“Electronic Armageddon”
Click here to access the 42 minutes National Geographic Channel video.

“One Second After”
By William R. Forstchen
“In this entertaining apocalyptic thriller … unleashing a deadly electromagnetic pulse that instantly disables almost every electrical device in the U.S. and elsewhere in the world. Airplanes, most cars, cellphones, refrigerators-all are fried as the country plunges into literal and metaphoric darkness. History professor John Matherson, who lives with his two daughters in a small North Carolina town, soon figures out what has happened. Aided by local officials, Matherson begins to deal with such long-term effects of the disaster as starvation, disease and roving gangs of barbarians.”
Read more and order your copy.

Ramtha has been very specific about preparing for sunspot activity disruptions
“During my talk on the days to come before, I talked about sunspot activity and the eruptions. And indeed they did come and indeed it was felt and it was experienced in the weather. That was mild. That was a no-thing. It was a mere discomfort, small. This one will not be that. This is a violent exploding surface of the sun, whose explosions will reach far out in all directions.

Those solar winds that are blowing this way will blow out all electrical equipment. So now you have lost your cell phone, your computer. You have lost any electronics. You can’t drive your automachine because it works on electricity. The airplanes can’t fly and the trains can’t go. The neutralization of sun flares here in Earth’s ionosphere disrupts electrical current, so then the cities will lose their power. There just simply won’t be any. And that is the sun cycle. It just happens to be a very mean one.”
– Ramtha, Change – The Days That Are Here
April 14, 2007

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