Student Accomplishments: Elly Molina & Loralin Toney publish new book

Introducing “Annabelle and the Domino”, the delightful story of a young girl’s magical experience of being willing to explore the potential of her mind. A story of inspiration, possibility, determination and focus, Annabelle takes the reader on an intense journey of what is possible and available for all humans when they put their heart and soul into something that matters to them. Written by Elly Molina and illustrated by Loralin Toney.

– Elly Molina and Loralin Toney were both teachers at the former Children’s School of Excellence (CSE) in Rainier, WA. This story wa inspired by some of the real magic that took place while teaching there.
— 10% of all proceeds will be donated to a local children’s non-profit organization.
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